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New Tool Release: Klein Pliers Wrench D530-10

klein d530-10 water pump pliers

Klein Tools arrived at the party of pliers wrenches late but they did it in style. The company released its first-ever pliers wrench, which is the world’s first pliers wrench multi tool. Yes, you heard it right. The Klein Tools…

Knipex NexStrip Wire Stripper, What’s New?

Knipex NexStrip wire stripper

Motivated by the need to combine multiple functions in one tool to reduce the weight of an electrician’s toolbox, Knipex Tools released a new multifunction automatic wire stripper tool. The Knipex NexStrip Multi-Tool for Electricians. This new wire stripper from…

New Jaw Protectors for New Generation Cobras

During the Plumbing Special 2022 update, Knipex Tools launched some innovative professional plumbing tools. And as always, no tool release event at Knipex is complete without a generous mention of Knipex cobra. This time around though, the big announcement was…