Pliers Reviews

Choosing the best pliers from a bunch of alternatives can sometimes cause a headache. But with a good buying guide, the process can be less hectic. In this category, you will find review guides for different types of pliers so that you can spend less time choosing and more time working with the pliers. The reviews are based on my experiences and the experienced of experts and other pliers enthusiasts.

Is Knipex Multicrimp Crimping Pliers Set Worth it?

knipex multicrimp crimping pliers set 97 33 02

Multitool pliers have become increasingly popular nowadays because of their versatility. You can use the same pair of pliers to perform a range of tasks that ordinarily would require a set of tools to complete. These multifunction pliers make the…

Gedore Pliers Wrench, Better than Knipex?

gedore pliers wrench

The Knipex pliers wrench has been the obvious choice of pliers wrench for plumbers for a long time. In fact, it has been the euphemism for pliers wrenches. This is not the case anymore. Now there are more options such…

Best Sprue Cutter for Scale Modeling

best sprue cutters for scale modeling

If you are a scale modeler or are planning to start a hobby in building scale models and toys with plastic sprues, you should know two things. That 1) Making a good scale model starts with getting good quality sprues…

Panel Clip Piers (Why You Need Them)

panel clip pliers

Modern car manufacturers use plastic retainer clips to attach trim pieces to the body of the car. These body clips are common on the door panels, bumpers, and fenders of most cars and trucks. There are two main types of…

Best Sheet Metal Bending Pliers

best sheet metal bending pliers

When your project involves working with sheet metal, you need a good tool to bend, fold, or shape the metal. You can do it by hand, use a vise and hammer, folding bar, or even better use sheet metal bending…

Best Wire Crimper Pliers for Electrical Projects

best wire crimping pliers
Whether you do electrical wiring for a living or are just a guy doing wiring stuff around the house, car, boat, etc, you need a good wire crimper to reliably and firmly secure connectors onto wires. Here are some of the best wire crimper pliers on the market.

6 Best automatic wire strippers

automatic wire strippers

If you regularly do automotive wiring, boat wiring, or terminate distribution and fire alarm panels, an automatic wire stripper becomes an indispensable companion. Automatic wire strippers self-adjust to different wire gauges while making your work consistent. But which are the…

6 Best manual wire strippers

best manual wire strippers

Manual wire strippers are an older technology for stripping insulated wire. Surprisingly, these simple wire strippers are still the most widely used wire stripping tools to date. They have a permanent place in many people’s tool bags and toolboxes. To…

Best tin snips for sheet metal work

When working with sheet metal, metal stud framing, ductwork, or any sheet material, you need different types of hand tools to mold and cut the material. One of them is a pair of tin snips. These are great tin knocking…