Pliers Reviews

We review all types of pliers to help you make the best buying decision.

Cranach 14-in-1 Multitool Pliers Review

cranach multitool pliers review

With more people turning to compact tools, multi tool pliers are hard to ignore. These are special types of convertible pliers with multiple functions. They fold nicely to fit in a small pouch and are easy to carry around in…

Best Safety Wire Pliers

If you take apart military or aircraft equipment, you are likely to come across bolts fastened together with twisted wire. And the twisting on the wire is so perfect that you might think it is done by a machine. But…

Best split ring pliers

best split ring pliers

Split rings are useful for hanging small objects or connecting them together. You will find them on keychains for bundling a bunch of keys or connecting them to a keyholder. If you are in jewelry-making, split rings come in handy…

Best Wire Ferrule Crimping Tool

best wire ferrule crimping tool
To securely install ferrule crimps to the end of your stranded wire in your electrical project, you need a reliable ferrule crimping tool. Read this article to find the best wire ferrule crimping tool.

Spring hose clamp pliers

hose clamp removal pliers

It can take between a few seconds and a couple of minutes to remove a hose clamp from a flexible rubber hose fitting. If you are unlucky, you might burst your knuckles in the process. Generally, how safely and fast…

Best fishing pliers for all anglers

When going fishing, you should always have fishing pliers in your tackle box if not in your belt pliers holder. It does not matter whether you are a bass fisherman, ice fisherman, surf caster, or salt-water angler. These specialty pliers…