Pliers Tips

Having the pliers is one thing but knowing how to use them correctly is another thing. In this category, you will find all the tips and hacks for using pliers effectively, creatively, and safely. You will also learn how to keep and maintain pliers so that they can serve you longer.

Types of cutting pliers and their uses

types of cutting pliers

When someone mentions cutting pliers, I know what comes to your mind is either side cutters, end cutter pliers, or perhaps snips. But do you know there are more than half a dozen types of cutting pliers? Well, in this…

How to tell if pliers are insulated

how to tell if pliers are insulated

Insulated pliers are very important for working around live or de-energized circuits and equipment. They protect you from electrical shock from dangerous voltages up to 1000V AC and 1500V DC. But how do you tell that your pliers are insulated…

How to condition a leather holster for pliers

How to condition a leather holster for pliers

Leather holsters and pouches for pliers need conditioning at least to keep them in good shape for a longer period. It does not matter if the sheath is new or old. They all need a retouch with some leather conditioner…