Pliers Tips

All tips and hacks for using pliers effectively, creatively, and safely. Also includes maintenance tips for pliers.

How to Sharpen Tin Snips Pliers – 3 DIY Methods

how to sharpen tin snips
Tin snips or metal shears are a type of pliers for cutting sheet metal. You can also use them to cut other materials such cardboard, floorings like carpet and vinyl, plastic sheeting, PVC, and chicken wire. There are two major…

How to Remove a Stripped Bolt or Nut with Pliers

how to remove stripped bolt with pliers
Removing a rounded bolt from your vehicle with a regular wrench or socket is not easy. But it is fairly manageable with the right pair of pliers if you do not have a bolt extractor socket. In this article, I share how I use pliers to remove the stubborn stripped bolts and nuts.

How to Replace a Shower Cartridge with Pliers

Changing a shower cartridge is easy with a cartridge puller tool. But when you don't have it, you can still use pliers do the job. Learn how I replace the one-handle Moen 1222 faucet cartridge in my house using pliers.

How to remove upholstery tacks with Pliers

how to remove upholstery tacks with pliers
A tack remover tool is great to have when reupholstering furniture. But if you do not have one at hand, a pair of diagonal wire cutters or needle nose pliers can work just as well. Find out how in this article.

How to keep pliers from leaving marks on surfaces.

pliers inserts for prevent the surface from pliers marks
Pliers are handy little hand tools. They are useful in nearly every project for grasping objects such as wires, pipes, fasteners, you name them. They come in different shapes and sizes to suit various applications. For example, adjustable pliers open…