Pliers Tips

All tips and hacks for using pliers effectively, creatively, and safely. Also includes maintenance tips for pliers.

How to condition a leather holster for pliers

How to condition a leather holster for pliers
Leather holsters and pouches for pliers need conditioning at least to keep them in good shape for a longer period. It does not matter if the sheath is new or old. They all need a retouch with some leather conditioner…

Are Knipex Pliers Really Worth the Price?

are knipex pliers worth the price
Truth be told, although Knipex pliers are highly reputed, they come at a premium price. And this begs the question, are they really worth the price? As a regular user of these German-made pliers, I am tempted to answer this…

How to Sharpen Tin Snips Pliers – 3 DIY Methods

how to sharpen tin snips
Tin snips or metal shears are a type of pliers for cutting sheet metal. You can also use them to cut other materials such cardboard, plastic sheeting, PVC, chicken wire, and floorings like carpet and vinyl. There are two major…