Pliers Tips

Having the pliers is one thing but knowing how to use them correctly is another thing. In this category, you will find all the tips and hacks for using pliers effectively, creatively, and safely. You will also learn how to keep and maintain pliers so that they can serve you longer.

Automotive Push Pin Pliers, Why Do You Need Them?

automotive push pins

All automotive trim and panel clips are not the same. Some are just a one-piece push pin whilst others have two pieces (a pin and a rivet). Single-piece push-in fasteners are best removed using panel clip pliers. On the other…

How to Organize Pliers with Pliers Organizers

how to organize pliers

When you start accumulating sets of pliers, you will find the need to organize them in the drawer, toolbox, or workspace. Otherwise, if you continue to shove them into the shelf or tool anyhow, they will occupy more space than…

Which Leatherman is Right for You?

best leatherman pliers

Owning Leatherman multitool pliers is like a cult. You must have a pair or a collection of Leathermans if you consider yourself a real tool enthusiast or an outdoor person. And as if that’s not enough, you must keep up…