Editorial Policy

Honesty and Integrity Pledge: None of any Pliersman post, review, feature, media, article, or content is influenced or will ever be influenced by seller, tool brand, commercial entities, or any similar party.

Pliersman is only committed to providing very honest and genuine reviews and we do not accept requests for inserted or paid content. We also do not accept compensation for reviews.

To provide as much value in our content as possible, we here at Pliersman conduct thorough research that includes collecting feedback from different tool users and testing most of the pliers ourselves. That way, we are able to provide genuine and transparent opinions about different types and models of pliers.


Many posts, reviews, and articles contain links that direct you to the websites of retailers, manufacturers, and similar parties. We are not responsible for your experiences once you navigate away from Pliersman. External links should be considered as references and not as recommendations or endorsements unless explicitly stated.

Affiliate Links

Many product links on Pliersman are “affiliate links” through which completed orders may earn us a slight commission. Pliersman will never intentionally manipulate you toward buying any product or brand just for the sake of earning a commission. As such, you are not restricted to the non-affiliate and affiliate product links that we provide. Instead, we encourage you to trade with the seller or distributor of your choice.