Kaiweets KWS-103 Wire Stripper Review

Stripping electrical wires is an easy task for experienced electricians. But it can be intimidating to newbies and DIYers, especially when using regular wire strippers.

With ordinary wire stripping pliers, you have to select the stripping slot manually. And if the wire size is not stamped on the insulation, you might have to try multiple gauges until you get the one that matches the wire. Sometimes in the process of trying different slots, you can damage the cable.

Luckily, automatic wire strippers are easier to use. Some of them adjust automatically to the size of the wire, which eliminates trial and error. Although self adjusting wire strippers are typically bulky, their general ease of use and versatility makes them worthwhile.

One of the best automatic self adjustable wire strippers that I always carry in my tool bag when doing home wiring projects is the 2-in-1 Klein 11061. And now I have the 3-in-1 Kaiweets KWS-103.

kaiweets kws-103
Testing the Kaiweets KWS-103 wire stripper pliers

Kaiweets Self Adjusting Wire Stripper (KWS-103) Review

Like the Klein 11061 or Vise Grip 2078300, the Kaiweets automatic wire stripper has a simple depth stop for setting the length of insulation you want to strip off the end. The spring-loaded plastic stop is easy to set.

You simply push the plastic button and the stop snaps to maximum length. If you want to reduce the stripping length, simply push the gauge back to the length you want. This stop gauge is very useful when terminating panels because it ensures that you strip all the wires to the same length.

There is also a pressure adjustment dial for micro adjusting the gripping pressure on the jaws. You can use it to adjust how tight the jaws grip soft wire to prevent damage. Similarly, the tension adjustment knob lets you tighten the grip on tough cables to prevent slipping when stripping off the insulation.

One of the reasons I like self adjusting wire strippers is their ability to strip off the outer jacket of flat cables such as Romex for residential wiring. Ordinary wire strippers are limited to stripping round cables only.

So, if you do lots of household wiring you would be safe with Kaiweets KWS-103 multi-function wire stripper. It will make easy the work of removing sheathing from Romex cables. Moreover, it will also strip the inner cables uniformly in one go.

And if you are terminating cables for a control panel, the depth stop will ensure you remove just enough insulation for attaching crimp terminals. You don’t need to tidy up the wire or cut it to length after stripping it.

Key features

  • 8 inches long
  • Self-adjustable wire stripper
  • Wire crimper for insulated and non-insulated crimp terminals
  • Anvil Wire Cutter
  • Plastic handles with rubber over mold

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Pros and Cons of KWS-103 Wire Stripper


  • 3 in 1 functions (wire cutter, wire stripper, and wire crimper)
  • Easy to hold and grip
  • Strips most common size electrical wires
  • Good value for the price
  • Decent build quality
  • So much quicker to use than ordinary wire strippers


  • The anvil wire cutter does not very clean because the blade is not flush with the anvil.
  • Bulky in the hands just like other self adjusting wire strippers.

What I like the most about the Kaiweets 103 self adjusting pliers are the 3-in-1 functions. You can use it as a wire stripper, wire cutter, and wire crimper eliminating the need to carry so many tools. This saves space in your tool bag for other important tools.

Another thing I like is the conspicuous red color that makes the tool visible even from afar.

The thing I dislike about this tool is the wire cutter. It does not close flush with the anvil and this sometimes causes it to not cut wire all way through. Also, anvil wire cutters become blunt faster than other types of cutters.


Generally, the Kaiweets 103 is a well-built and very functional automatic self-adjusting wire stripper. It is a worthy alternative to the Klein 11061. It is a perfect tool for a maintenance person for trimming ordinary household wiring and panel wiring as well as coaxial cables.

If you are looking for the best wire stripper multi tool for around-the-home projects, the Kaiweets KWS 103 should suffice.

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