All About the Knipex Cobra Extra Slim Water Pump Pliers

If you have been using the standard 10" knipex cobra, it might be time to revamp your collection with a 10" Knipex extra slim cobra. Here is all you need to know about them.

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Now that you know what is the best size Knipex cobra, the next question should be whether one pair is good enough. And the simple answer is No. A single pair for your most versatile pliers is never good enough. You need at least two pairs so that when you lend one to your friend and he doesn’t return, you will not be stranded on the job. But should you have two identical cobra water pump pliers or there are variations? Well, in this article, I bring you the Knipex 10″ cobra extra slim water pump pliers. These are a variant of the standard cobra adjustable pliers and a great pair to have alongside the 10″ regular cobras.

Knipex Extra Slim Cobra (87 51 250) Water Pump Pliers Features

As I mentioned, the Knipex Cobra extra slim (ES) pliers are an alternative version of the regular 10″ standard cobras. The two types of Knipex water pump pliers are very similar and have the same quality but different looks.

The ES version has a slim head with long tapered jaws. But unlike needle nose pliers that have a sharp end, the ES cobra pliers have a flat bill like the duckbill pliers.

Similarities between Standard Knipex Cobras and Extra Slim Cobra

regular knipex cobra vs knipex extra slim cobra pliers
10″ Standard Knipex Cobra vs 10″ Extra Slim Cobra pliers

Regular Knipex cobras and slim profile cobras have several common features. They include:

Anti-pinch handle design

One of the best features of Knipex cobra pliers is the pinch guard design that keeps fingers safe even when you open the pliers all the way. This safety feature is also available in the ES version. You can open the pliers all the way and you won’t have to worry about your fingers getting pinched between the handles.

Jaw locking feature

The ability to lock water pump pliers onto the stock is another great feature that is unique to the cobra pliers series. This feature allows you to lock the pliers onto a piece so that you won’t have to apply gripping pressure onto the handles when turning the pliers. This helps reduce hand fatigue by minimizing the amount of effort you apply on the pliers to do the same amount of work.

Multiple adjustment positions

Similar to the regular 250mm cobras, the slim-headed cobra pliers have 25 fine adjustment positions that let you close in on a workpiece more tightly. The jaws open and close so smoothly and easily.

Round jaw grip

The round grip on the jaws is for gripping round shapes including pipes/tubing and hex-shapes such as bolts, nuts, and pipe fittings. It has sharp teeth that bite onto a workpiece and won’t let go. They are excellent for gripping pipes and rounded fasteners.

Comfortable handle grips

The last similarity between the standard cobras and the slim profile cobras is the overall quality of the handle grips. The padding on the handles makes the pliers comfortable in hands and provides a slip-proof strong grip.

So what is different?

The Knipex Cobra ES water pump pliers are different from regular cobras in two ways: they have a slim head profile and long narrow jaws. These two features make the slim cobras the best for reaching things in tight spots where regular cobras pliers cannot.

slim-headed cobra pliers
Slim profile knipex cobra

The jaws are about 0.35″ wide and extend about 4cm deep. They have smooth serrations all the way to the end to allow you to grip objects firmly without marring the surface.

Best uses for Knipex Cobra ES pliers

Besides doing the tasks of regular water pump pliers, the ES cobras are also excellent for working in tight spaces. You can use them to handle fine parts such as e-clips and cotter pins. If you are an auto mechanic, this version of water pump pliers can be ideal for pulling fuses and relays from the fuse box of cars.

If you are a metal worker, you can use these slim-headed cobras to hold sheet metal and metal bars. They provide the mechanical advantage of regular cobras and the gripping ability of duckbills.

Where to buy

The Knipex cobra ES pliers are not as common as the regular cobras. So, you might have a hard time finding them in local hardware stores. But you can find the pliers online from stores such as Amazon or America’s #1 German tools vendor KC Tools.

I have shared the links to both stores below in case you would like to purchase these ingenious water pump pliers or check their price.

Wrap up

Overall, the 10″ Knipex Cobra pliers with a slim head are a great addition to the toolbox. You can have them for working in tight spaces rather than having two regular cobras. You can also use them in place for needle nose pliers or duckbills because they provide an unrivaled gripping capability.

The only downside is that the slim profile cobras come in one size only; just the 10 inch. This is quite disappointing because when you start using them, you will want to have different sizes. They are so useful, you should try them. But if you are wondering if Knipex pliers are worth it, check out in this article how I feel about them.

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