Is Knipex Multicrimp Crimping Pliers Set Worth it?

Multitool pliers have become increasingly popular nowadays because of their versatility. You can use the same pair of pliers to perform a range of tasks that ordinarily would require a set of tools to complete.

These multifunction pliers make the work of carrying tools easy. A single multipurpose pliers set can replace several different tools, making the toolbox smaller and lighter.

Furthermore, why should you go to the job site feeling tired in the morning because of hauling a huge set of pliers that could be replaced with one single multifunction pliers? It defeats logic, doesn’t it?

And depending on the quality of pliers you keep, a nice pair of multi-tool pliers could help cut your budget for tools without compromising the quality of work.

That said, it is good to note that not all multitool pliers are functional in the real world. Some of them look very good on paper but are not very practical. But Knipex 97 33 02 multitool crimping pliers set isn’t one of them, IMO.

I had the privilege of using it to crimp different types of wire connectors for panels and car wiring and I think it is a tool that would impress electricians, especially those who crimp terminal connectors for a living.

terminated cables in an electrical panel
Panel cables termination

Let’s explore what this Knipex multicrimp crimping pliers 97 33 02 tool offers.

Knipex MultiCrimp Crimping Pliers

As I mentioned, some multitool pliers are not very functional in the real world but this multicrimper from Knipex is not one of them.

First, it is solidly built just like most of the Knipex tools. They feel strong in the hands and very comfortable because of the cushion grip handles.

Secondly, it has a nice smooth ratcheting mechanism that helps to multiply your hand force into a crimping force. This enables you to squeeze crimp connectors strongly to attach them firmly and permanently to cable ends.

Thirdly, and most importantly, the multifunction crimping pliers set is versatile and practical. It accepts different types of die sets for crimping nearly all types of wire connectors you would typically encounter at the job site or in your hobby project.

Currently, there are 5 types of interchangeable die sets or jaws you can use with this crimper. The die sets come separately in a round cassette (or changer magazine if you like) that stores them securely. There is also an option of getting the three

The quick die change magazine has a belt clip on the side. You can use it to carry the cassette conveniently on your belt.

Types of interchangeable crimper jaws

There are five swappable crimping die sets in the jaw storage system of the Knipex Multicrimp 97 33 02. I have summarized each type of die set, crimping capacity, and the typical applications for which you can use them.

Part NumberDescriptionCrimping capacityConnectors
97 39 13For non-insulated splice connectors0.5mm² – 10mm²non-insulated tinned copper butt connector
97 39 09For large insulated and non-insulated wire ferrules10mm², 16mm², 25mm²large ferrule crimp
97 39 08For insulated and uninsulated wire ferrule0.25mm² – 6.0mm²ferrule crimp connector
97 39 06For insulated terminal crimp connectors0.5mm² – 6.0mm²insulated terminal connector
97 39 05For non-insulated open barrel connectors0.25mm² – 6.0mm²open barrel wire crimp connector

How to change jaws on the Knipex Multicrimp pliers.

The cassette storage system and the multi crimp pliers use a quick change mechanism for changing the jaws. The mechanism might seem intimidating at first, especially because the tool does not come with a manual, but it is very easy when you get a hang of it. These pliers are also easy to use. They work just like any other crimper pliers when you load the right set of crimping dies.

This is how you load and unload crimping jaws to and from the pliers.

Step 1: Set the bar between the jaws

There is a short bar behind the fulcrum on one of the handles. Set it upright so that it acts as a bridge between the handles. The bar keeps the jaws from closing when you squeeze the handles of the pliers to load or unload the die set.

Step 2: Identify the crimping jaw set you want to use.

Select from the magazine the crimping jaw set that you want to use for your project. Each set is properly labeled with numbers 05, 06, 08, 09, and 13. Refer to the table above to see what each labeling means.

Step 3: Insert the pliers into the correct jaw slot

Once you identify the correct crimping jaw set you want to use, insert the pliers into the slot to draw the jaws.

Step 4: Load the jaws to the pliers

Grip the jaw set inside the slot with pliers and turn the plastic dial on the side of the cassette so that the notch aligns with the lock lever for that slot. Then push the lock forward into the notch and pull out the pliers to draw the jaws. The pliers should come out with the dies properly seated in the jaws.

Now the pliers are ready to crimp wire connectors.

Step 5: Remove the crimping jaws from pliers

After crimping the wire connectors, you can uninstall the crimping jaws from the pliers either to change or store them in the jaw storage system.

To put the crimping jaws back into the magazine, start by setting the bar between the handles of the pliers in the upright position. Then align the notch on the plastic dial of the cassette with the empty slot. Finally, insert the loaded pliers in the empty slot and pull them out.

The quick change mechanism on the magazine will pull the die set from the pliers jaws and lock them in the empty slot.

Follow step 1-4 to install another set of crimping jaws onto the pliers. Otherwise, you can keep the pliers and magazine safely until the next crimping job arises.

Why do you need Knipex Multicrimp 97 33 02?

These are some of the reasons why you may want to add the Knipex multi-function crimping pliers to your toolbox.

Reason 1: To reduce the weight of your tool bag

As I mentioned, these pliers can replace at least three different sets of crimpers. So if you want to take away some weight from your toolbox, these might be a good alternative to carrying three quality crimpers.

Unfortunately, they are not cheap. So you will only realize their benefit if you value quality tools. And as you know, you get what you pay for with tools, and mostly, quality tools are not cheap.

Reason 2: As a cheaper alternative to quality crimping pliers

As I have mentioned, these Knipex Multicrimp pliers have a premium price. However, their cost would be a fraction of what you would spend on three quality crimpers it replaces in your toolbox.

So, if your want to get a quality set of crimping pliers that can handle all the crimping you will ever need for home or professional wiring installations at a bargain, then this tool would be a worthy choice.

Reason 3: Use as a backup for individual crimpers

It is a good thing to always have a backup tool so that your project will not stop when your primary tool fails. The Knipex Multicrimp pliers set can be an excellent backup tool for your individual sets of crimping pliers. Because it is built to take care of all your crimping needs, you can keep it in the truck to use when one of your individual crimping pliers fails or gets lost.

Reason 4: Use as a tool gift for electricians

If you have been wondering what is the best tool gift for an electrician, the Knipex Multicrimp pliers kit would be an excellent choice. It is fancy yet very solid and most importantly very functional. It would be a good gift for a son who has just started his career in electrical installations or a dad/husband on his work anniversary in electrical engineering.

This crimping kit can also be a thoughtful promotion gift for a coworker who is getting promoted to master electrician. It is a toolset that master electricians and apprentices alike would appreciate and treasure. Plus, it is not cheap!

That being said, there are a few reasons why the Knipex 97 33 01 kit would not fit the bill.

Why You May Not Like the Knipex Multicrimp Crimping Pliers

Despite being a solid and versatile multi-tool wire crimper, the Knipex 97 33 02 might not be a suitable addition to your electrical toolbox for these reasons:

1. Poor quality finish

The Knipex Multicrimper is built like a tank but the finish on the metallic part is not that great. If you store it in a moist place, the black oxide coating will start to peel and cause the tool to rust. So, you should never leave this unit in a moist place.But to be safe, make sure to apply a thin coat of oil on the metallic part to repel moisture and prevent corrosion.

2. Quite expensive

The Knipex 97 33 02 crimping pliers set is worth a king’s ransom but totally worth it. It performs 5 functions that would require at least 3 different tools.

But if you don’t fancy expensive tools or are pressed for cash, this novel multicrimp pliers kit from Knipex might be an extravagant purchase. It goes for more than $300, which is about 3x the cost of three cheap crimpers that you could replace with it.

That being said, the Knipex multifunction crimping set can give your a lifetime of very solid solderless crimps on connectors if you take good care of it. And if you misplace or damage a die set, you can purchase a replacement individually. You don’t have to buy the whole kit.

3. Quite risky to have one tool for all jobs

I find it quite risky to have only multitool crimper for all your crimping needs. Although it can handle all the crimping quite well, it is game over when you lose it or the jaw storage system.

Besides, it violates Rule No. 1 for handymen which says: Don’t always keep your tools in one bag.

Instead of having this multitool crimper as the only crimping pliers in the toolbox, it is a better idea to have it as an addition to the collection of crimping pliers for use in specific circumstances.

Final take

Overall, the Knipex 97 33 02 Multicrimp is a quality modular crimper that you can easily switch back and forth to crimp different types of connectors including bootlace ferrules and regular crimp terminals. It comes with 5 interchangeable jaws that you can use to crimp almost every type of connector you would need to use in an electrical installation job including plug connectors, ferrule sleeves, open connectors, etc.

The swappable jaws are separate from the tool which minimizes the risk of losing the whole set. Also, each jaw on the magazine is replaceable individually. This increases the versatility of the kit and makes it stay useful longer.

So, would I buy the Knipex 97 33 02 crimper set? Definitely I would invest in this set if the budget allows it. But I would use it as a backup tool for my collection of crimping pliers to use when I need to carry a smaller and lighter toolset that’s still complete to handle all the crimping jobs in an electrical project.

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