Knipex XS Pliers Wrench Review – World’s Smallest Pliers Wrench

The New Knipex XS Pliers Wrench does the job of a whole wrench set and fits in the watch pocket of your jeans. Find out more about the new product in this article.

After the Knipex Cobra XS became such a success, Knipex Tools has announced the release of the Knipex Pliers Wrench XS; the world’s smallest pliers wrench. It is so small that you can hold it between the jaws of a 10-inch knipex cobra by its length.

Despite being so small, the Knipex XS pliers wrench is very versatile, It is an entire wrench set in the pocket. You can use it in your home improvement projects in place of an adjustable spanner or spanner set. The pliers wrench xs is also a handy tool for inspecting and tightening down small nuts and bolts that come loose on your machines. If you are a pilot of a small aircraft, you will find this tool very useful for inspecting and fastening small nuts and bolts that do not need to be torqued to spec.

What is the difference between Knipex Pliers Wrench XS and Knipex Cobra XS?

The Cobra XS and the Wrench XS are two different types of small adjustable pliers. The knipex Cobra® XS is the world’s smallest water pump pliers. This means that it has teeth on its jaws for gripping objects of different shapes but mostly round objects such as pipes and fasteners. In contrast, the Knipex Pliers Wrench XS has flat jaws that are constantly parallel to each other even when they open and close. It is a pliers version of an adjustable spanner and it is designed for tightening and loosening hex-shaped fasteners only.

So, basically, the difference between cobra xs and pliers wrench xs is the same as that of pliers wrench vs water pump pliers. I have talked extensively about those differences here.

Knipex Pliers Wrench XS Features

knipex xs pliers wrench features

Key Features

  • Length: 4 inches or 100mm
  • Maximum jaw width: 3/4 inches or 21mm
  • Ultra-compact design and slim head
  • 11 adjustment positions


Measuring just 4 inches from head to tail, the knipex XS pliers wrench is one of the smallest yet versatile tools. You can carry it anywhere just like your pocket knife. This teeny tiny pliers wrench offers a jaw-width range of up to 21mm, which means you can use it to do the job of an entire wrench set.

The tool has a generally slim profile to offer optimum accessibility. Moreover, the handles are naked to maintain the tool’s slim profile. You can use it to tighten loose fasteners in confined spaces. Because of its small size, you can easily operate the Knipex Wrench XS with one hand.

There are up to 11 adjustment positions that let you change the jaw width with precision. This helps you close in on nuts and bolts tighter than an open-end wrench would. As a result, the risk of rounding off bolt heads and nuts is eliminated.

To make it easier to operate the small wrench, the manufacturer has incorporated the signature ratcheting function. The feature lets you loosen your grip to rotate the wrench without taking it off the fastener. This helps to increase your productivity.


Lastly, these small knipex wrench pliers xs of 2021 are very comfortable in your hands. Even though the handles lack plastic or rubber overmold, they are knurled to provide a non-slip grip.

However, if you feel that the bare metal handles are too tough on your hands, you can wrap them with masking tape or electrician tape.

Like other knipex pliers, knipex xs pliers are also designed to prevent pinching your fingers when you open the jaws all the way. This anti-pinch guard design comes in handy when turning large bolts that require you to open the jaws completely.

The xs pliers are also light on your hands but tough on fasteners. They grip hex fasteners tight enough to avoid slippage. And like the Stillson wrench, the knipex pliers wrench tightens the grip on a fastener as you apply more torque.

knipex pliers wrench xs tightening nut
Using Knipex XS wrench to tighten a loose nut [Photo: Knipex Tools]

So, if you are looking for a ‘wrench set’ that can fit in the pocket or your plier holder pouch, the Knipex XS Pliers Wrench is it. You can carry it anywhere and use it to fix loose nuts and bolts that do not need to be torqued to spec.

This tiny pliers wrench is very handy for fixing hex shape plumbing fittings at home that are no wider than 3/4inches. So, any handyman out there should be freeing up his belt pouch for pocket tools to make room for this handy little adjustable wrench from Knipex.

Where can I buy Knipex XS Pliers Wrench

The tiny Knipex pliers wrench xs 2021 are already in the market. If you do not find them in your local hardware store, you can check them out on popular online retailers such as Amazon, Homedepot, or the German Tools Distributor KC Tool. They are available either as a single tool (via KC Tool) or combo kit.

Because everyone wants to own the Knipex xs wrench, it is not unlikely for it to be out of stock on Amazon. So, I have shared its link on the German Tools Store, KC Tools to ensure you do not miss it when you need it.

For the Knipex pliers xs combo kit, it includes the pliers wrench xs, cobra xs, and a knipex-branded polyester pliers holster. The holster is for storing the two tiny pliers on your body so that you do not lose them. A pliers holster also ensures that your pliers are within reach when you need them. You can learn more about pliers holsters in the article best pliers holsters. The knipex holster has a clip for attaching to your hip. You can either attach it to your belt or the waistband of your shorts.

Overall, my advice is that you get the knipex xs wrench if you do not have them already. These tiny but might pliers will make your life easier because you will not have to worry about carrying a whole spanner set to work.

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