Milwaukee 7 in 1 High Leverage Combination Pliers Review

Milwaukee has decided to stun electricians even more by upgrading their 6-in-1 combination pliers into a 7 functions pair of combination pliers. Yes, a single pair of pliers that can perform the tasks of 7 tools. That’s the Milwaukee 7-in-1 high leverage combination pliers.

This type of pliers combines up to 7 distinct functions to allow you to attain maximum productivity in your electrical installation. It is a perfect tool for a professional electrician who wants to reduce the number of tools to the job site without compromising on the quality of work.

The Milwaukee 7-in-1 electrician pliers have excellent build quality, feel heavy for heavy-duty work, and have insulated handles to prevent electric shock. The handles also have holes on the ends for attaching a lanyard. Furthermore, the handles are designed to provide high leverage when operating the tool.

Functions of the Milwaukee 7 in 1 Combination Pliers

The following are the 7 tasks you can accomplish with the new multifunction Milwaukee combination pliers for electricians.

1. Cutting

The cutters on these multifunctional pliers are round and sharp. This enables you to make clean cuts even with wires as large as 12 AWG.

2. Stripping wire

stripper jaws of milwaukee 7 in 1 combo pliers
stripper jaws

These combination pliers have a wire stripper with wide stripper holes. You can use the strip solid core wires of sizes 8awg to 18awg or stranded wires of sizes 10awg to 20awg. The stripper holes are as wide as the jaws and they strip wires with minimal damage on the strands.

3. Reaming

Reaming conduit is very important in electrical installations. It removes burrs from freshly cut conduit to prevent damage to conductor insulation.  The head of the Milwaukee 7-in-1 combo pliers integrates a unique reaming design that lets you smooth out rough inner edges of 1/2″ – 1″ Conduit. On the other hand, the round jaws are good for reaming the outer edges of the conduit.

4. Gripping, grabbing, and twisting wires

The jaws of these pliers are wide, serrated, and strong enough to grasp wires without releasing or causing damage. They are also good for pulling wires or fish tape through conduits or studs without damage. Furthermore, you can use the jaws of these pliers to twist wire ends together to make a strong electrical bond. Lastly, the rounded part of the jaws is good for gripping round fasteners and pipes

5. Cutting bolts

bolt cutter on milwaukee 7 in 1 pliers
bolt cutter

There are two bolt cutters on one side of the hinge for numbers #6 and #8 bolts. These are ideal for cutting to length the bolts for wall outlet covers and light switches.

6. Crimping

This tool has a crimper behind the hinges. You can use it to crimp wire terminal ends for solid electrical connections. This is the feature that is not on the 6-in-1 Milwaukee combination pliers.

7. Making wire loops

When wiring electrical outlets it is important to loop the ground wire around the screw terminals on the receptacle. This helps create a strong electrical bond.

You can use the jaws of regular pliers to bend the wire ends or the round nose pliers. However, the latter makes better loops. Alternatively, if you have the Milwaukee 7-in-1 combination pliers, you can use the loop maker hole on the hinge to make very nice wire loops. The looping hole accepts wires of up to 32 AWG.

There you have it! That’s the new Milwaukee 7-in-1 high leverage combination pliers that does the job of 7 different types of tools. It is a must-buy for professional electricians and hobbyists who want contractor-grade pliers that can perform multiple functions without compromising on quality.

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