New Klein-Lowes Partnership! Clearance Klein Sales At Home Depot

The commencement of the new partnership between Lowes and Klein Tools has opened a small window to own Klein Tools at a discount. Home Depot is giving away its remaining stock of Klein tools at an incredibly low price

Klein recently ended its long-standing partnership with Home Depot. As a result, Home Depot is now offering a blowout sale on all remaining Klein inventory to clear their shelves before they bid farewell to the brand.

klein tools deals at Home Depot

Klein & Home Depot Partnership

The news of Klein ending its partnership with Home Depot came as a surprise to some of us who go to Home Depot to look for the newest Kleins Tools releases.

Home Depot has been the exclusive retailer of Klein Tools’ home improvement hand-held tools, particularly their exceptional pliers, since 2009.

This exclusive arrangement allowed Home Depot to offer its customers the best selection of Klein products available in any big box store. This includes limited tools such as the Klein D530 pliers wrench.

Klein Tools has over 160 years of experience in manufacturing top-notch hand tools. And Klein hand tools, especially pliers and screwdrivers, have been a staple for professional tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Known for their durability, precision, and superior craftsmanship, Klein Tools are a favorite among professional handymen and hobbyists. In fact, Klein Tools is the second most popular brand of pliers.

Many electricians and construction workers swear pliers from Klein Tools. Some of the Klein pliers that stand out include side cutters, Linesman pliers, Ironworker pliers, and wire strippers.

New Klein & Lowes Partnership

The decision to part ways with Home Depot was a strategic move by Klein Tools to access a wider customer base. It came in after a careful evaluation of the market needs and consideration of customer opinions through surveys.

This partnership with Lowe’s enables us to serve Pros with our wide array of products, including innovative new products designed to make work on the job easier, safer and more efficient.

Thomas Klein Jr., Klei Tools President & COO

Prior to giving Lowes the contract, Klein Tools had conducted a survey about a year ago asking customers if they would be ok if HD stopped carrying the brand.

So, while the decision to end the partnership may have been unexpected for some, it is evident that Klein had carefully evaluated the market and listened to its customers.

Lowes Stores with Klein Tools

Now Lowes is the exclusive retailer of the biggest selection of Klein tools in big box stores. The company announced this new partnership with Klein Tools in Feb 2023, noting that the deal will excite pro customers. However, the tools will be available on the shelves starting July 2023.

The addition of Klein will help drive excitement and traffic among Pro customers looking for market-tested innovation from a brand they trust.

Bill Boltz, Lows’ Executive Vice President of Merchandising

For customers who have grown accustomed to shopping for Klein products at Home Depot, this is definitely a big change.

Home Depot Crazy Discounts On Klein Tools

To ensure a smooth transition to the new partner, Home Depot is offering an incredible discount on all remaining Klein inventory.

This provides you a great chance to stock up on your favorite Klein pliers and other tools at a fraction of their original price.

Take Action! Grab The Deals!

Home Depot Klein stock

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own top-notch hand tools from Klein that professionals trust worldwide.

Head to your nearest Home Depot store or visit their online platform to take advantage of the blowout sale on Klein pliers and other hand tools.

This sale is definitely a temporary event that will run while stocks last. So, make sure you act quickly to secure the tools you need before they are gone for good.

That being said, the end of an era is upon us with the conclusion of the Home Depot-Klein partnership. This also marks the beginning of a new chapter with the exciting collaboration between Lowes and Klein. So, embrace this change and make the most of the opportunity to acquire your favorite Klein pliers and other hand tools at an unbeatable price.

Who’s Takes Up The Space at HD?

I know you might be wondering, who takes up the shelf space at Home Depot now that Klein Tools has left?

Definitely, the shelf that Klein Tools previously occupied will not remain empty. Milwaukee Tools has a new deal with Home Depot and will be gracing the stores with their USA-branded hand tools.

So if you are a Milwaukee fan, you can grab your favorite pliers at the nearest Home Depot.


In a nutshell, the 13 years Home Depot-Klein partnership has come to an end. This marks the beginning of a new collaboration with Lowes.

As a result, Home Depot is clearing the stock of Klein hand tools including Klein pliers at an exceptional discount.

So, don’t miss out on this opportunity to add reliable and durable Klein tools to your collection.

The offer is valid while stocks last.

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