All About the New Soft Plastic Inserts for Knipex Pipe and Connector Pliers

After several complaints from customers that the red plastic inserts on Pipe and Connector pliers don’t grip tightly, Knipex has released new plastic jaw inserts. These new plier inserts have two layers: a soft blue outer layer and a rigid red inner layer.

Knipex Dual Layered Plastic Inserts Design

knipex jaw inserts
Parts of the new knipex double layer inserts

The soft blue outer layer of the jaw protector has a serrated surface. This provides sufficient friction for gripping smooth surfaces without sliding. The gentle firm grip that these new nylon inserts provide also protects the finish on your installations.

On the other hand, the red inner layer is rigid and has a convex shape that fits firmly into the groove of the metal jaw of Knipex pipe and connector pliers. This design keeps the padding in position and prevents side play especially when twisting the pliers to remove or install fittings.

Who can use the new Knipex plastic inserts?

These new double material plastic inserts make the Pipe and Connector pliers from Knipex Tools the ultimate cannon plug pliers for aviation repairs. They are also perfect for auto mechanics who work on high-performance cars.

The padding material prevents metal from being transferred to the workpiece hence preventing corrosion. The pipe and connector pliers, on the other hand, provides 25 easy adjustments at the push of a button. This enables you to remove or install cannon plugs or other fittings of different sizes without marring the surface.

Nevertheless, if you are not an avionics guy, an electrical installer, or a high-performance automotive mechanic, you can still use these pliers to do a lot of other jobs. From professional plumbing to the installation of fragile parts at home, the Knipex tools Pipe and Connector Pliers with soft plastic inserts is the perfect tool for the job.

This tool will help you install plastic and metallic fittings without scarring the surface. The soft inserts will provide a tight grip and protect the finish on sensitive surfaces. As a result, all your fittings will be snug and retain their glossy finish. The inserts are the best for protecting the gloss of chrome pipe plumbings and faucets in modern bathrooms and kitchens.


In conclusion, the Knipex tools pipe and connector pliers with the new soft inserts are the best for gripping, installing, or assembling delicate equipment. They leave no marks on the surface and do the job perfectly on both ridged and smooth surfaces. Now there will be no more frustrations of loose grips or plier jaws sliding on the smooth shiny surfaces of pipes and connectors.

The inserts are also easy to remove. You only need a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the screw that holds the insert onto the jaw. This enables you to replace the pads when they wear out or use the pliers without them.

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