The Knipex Twin Grip Pliers: Why It is a Big Deal

Slip joint pliers are versatile but the Knipex Twin Grip is more versatile. It is not your grandad's pliers. Find out more in this article.

Recently, Knipex Tools released their first-ever slip joint pliers after many years of waiting. They call it the Knipex Twin Grip pliers and they come in two versions. The basic version has plastic dipped handles and its product number is 82 01 200. The other version is 82 02 200 and comes with comfort grip handles.

Knipex Twin Grip pliers are the first of their kind in the Knipex Tools line of pliers and among slip-joint pliers. They come loaded with exciting features that you will love. These 8″ pliers are arguably the most versatile slip-joint pliers you have laid your hands on. They are so good that some people even call them the mother of all slip joint pliers. But let us find out if they truly deserve to be on the pedestal.

Features of the Knipex Twin Grip Slip Joint Pliers

Key Features

  • Gripping capacity range: 4mm – 22mm (5/32″ – 7/8″)
  • Length: 8″ long
  • Handles: Non-slip handles or comfort-grip
  • Joint adjustment style: Precision push-button adjustment up to 5 positions
  • Jaws: Uniquely combines front and side gripping
  • Unique design of the jaws to ensure optimal transfer of force from the handles to the object.
  • Slim head design for working in confined spaces
  • Constructed from chrome vanadium electric steel and oil-hardened
  • Side jaws designed to grip round, square, hex, and flat materials

1. Push button adjustment

As you can see, the new Knipex slip joint pliers have some unique features that make them stand out. One of them is the push button adjustment on the joint that makes it extremely easy and smooth to open and close the jaws.

You just press the button in and slip the jaws to your desired size and release. The jaws can adjust up to 5 positions, expanding the jaw width from 4mm to 22mm. There are no other slip joint pliers on the market that offer that kind of precision adjustment and range.

2. Front and side gripping teeth

front and side gripping areas of knipex slip joint pliers
Knipex Twin Grip Front and Side Gripping Areas

Unlike other slip joint pliers that feature only the side grippers, the Knipex Twin Grip pliers uniquely integrate both the side and front grippers on the jaws. Hence the name Twin Grip.

The front grippers have vertical serrations and are notched to grip bolts and screws. They turn the pliers into a great screw extractor for removing rounded fasteners and stripped screws. If you are familiar with Vampliers screw extractor pliers or the Japanese Engineer pliers, you will recognize the unconventional design of the front of the Twin Grip jaws. It helps you grip and remove stripped screw heads that cannot be extracted with a screwdriver.

On the other hand, the horizontal grips on the Knipex slip joint pliers are not the usual round shape like the ordinary slip joint pliers. Instead, the jaws are curved like the Cobra pliers with jaw profiles that are almost identical. The only differences are the pattern of the teeth and the orientation of the jaws.

The teeth on Twin Grips are almost straight while those of Cobras are angled forward and backward. Moreover, Twin Grip pliers have a straight head while Cobras pliers have an angled head.

Despite the differences, both pliers provide a fantastic side gripping for a variety of shapes including round, square, hex, and flat. This makes the Knipex twin grip pliers a perfect choice for when you don’t have a wrench or water pump pliers at hand. But they are not a replacement for either your Cobras or pliers wrench.

3. Reliable gripping of flat workpieces

three point gripping system
Knipex TwinGrip 3-point gripping system for flat material

The jaws of the Twin Grip pliers integrate the three-point system, which offers 3 points of contact on flat metal bars. This unique design of the Knipex TwinGrip jaws makes it the best slip joint pliers for gasping flat metal bars.

4. 5 Adjustment Positions

Most slip-joint pliers offer only a single adjustment position but the TwinGrip offers 5 precision adjustment positions. This provides a bigger gripping range from 4mm to 22mm, which is all you need for most applications.

Overall, these knipex 82 01 200 are a great pair of slip joint pliers. They are forged from Chrome Vanadium Steel and have hardened teeth for increased durability just like the other Knipex pliers.

The Twin Grip pliers are indeed designed and built to do much more than the regular slip joint pliers, which makes them the most versatile. They are available on many online retail stores including Amazon and KCTool. I have put a link to the new pliers on Amazon below.

5. Available in two versions

The Knipex Twin Grip pliers are available in two versions. The 82 01 200 and 82 02 200. The 82 01 200 have regular plastic dipped handles while the 82 02 200 come with comfort grip handles. They don’t have insulated handles yet.

Knipex TwinGrip Pliers Video Review

Who needs the Knipex TwinGrip Pliers?

Knipex twin Grip pliers in use (Source: Knipex Facebook)

The knipex twingrip slip-joint pliers are for anyone but more importantly you who oftentimes encounter broken or rounded screws and bolts in your repair projects. These pliers combine some of the cool features of the Knipex Cobras and vampliers screw extractors. This includes the overall slim profile, the vertical and horizontal serrations, and the convenient button adjustment mechanism. The Twin Grip pliers simply are screw extractors in Knipex Cobra skin. You definitely need them if do not have reliable screw extractor pliers yet. And if you do, these Twingrips are still sweet to have anyway. After all, they are Knipex!

That being said, sometimes what you need is screw extractor pliers that will do the job effectively. This can put you in the dilemma of having to choose between Vampliers and Knipex Twin Grips. However, knowing how hard a decision this can be, I have put together a comparison table for the two top-of-the-line screw extractor pliers to help you pick the best for your project.

Knipex Twin Grip vs Vampliers

Knipex twin grip vs vampliers
Knipex twin grip and vampliers side by side
Knipex Twin GripVampliers
Slip joint pliers with advanced featuresLinesman pliers with advanced features
Rounded end profileRectangular end profile
5 jaw adjustment positionsSingle jaw opening
No cuttersHas inline cutters and cable puller grips behind the pivot
Teeth appear on the whole jawTeeth are only on a small section of the jaws
Curved gripping sectionsStraight gripping sections
Best for damaged bolts and screwsBest for small screws
Made in GermanyMade in Japan

Overall, if you need pliers that can grip different sizes of rounded fasteners and screws, the Knipex twin grips are the best option. Otherwise, if you want linesman pliers that can extract damaged screws, the Vampliers or Engineer’s screw extractors are what you need.

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