VCELINK Parrot Automatic Wire Strippers Review (with VIDEO)

It is one thing to get an automatic wire stripper but another thing to get automatic wire strippers that can strip short wires in tight spaces effectively. Having worked on many wiring projects and repairs, I have learned that you will not always have the luxury of dealing with long cables.

Some electricians just trim electrical wires to the exact length without leaving an extra length for future repairs. I have encountered this when wiring control panels.

On the other hand, some circumstances do not allow you to fit just any wire stripper, such as when dealing with recessed lights and outlets.

In such situations, you need special wire strippers that can allow you to strip wire with one hand even in tight spots. And this is where parrot wire strippers (a.k.a. eagle nose wire strippers) come in.

These types of automatic wire strippers fit into tight places and strip accurately. Most of them have a depth setting that allows multiple consistent strips.

VCELink GJ702 Eagle Nose Wire Stripper

Oh, and you operate them with one hand. And this makes them ideal for awkward and tight places where using two hands could create balance & sharp corner issues.

I have been using the Felo 0715762681 Automatic Wire Stripper pliers they feel very fluid. They are my go-to wire stripper for electronic projects. The only limitation is that they have V-shaped jaws that won’t strip multiple wires at once.

Thankfully, I received a similar type of wire stripper pliers from the guys at VCELINK for testing. These ones have flat blades that enable them to strip multiple wires at once. They are the VCELINK GJ702 Eagle Nose Automatic Wire Strippers.

VCELINK Automatic Wire Strippers (GJ702) Performance

Key Features

  • Wire stripper and wire cutter
  • Stripping range 14 – 24 AWG
  • Max. Stripping depth: 20mm
  • Ideal for: electrician, auto-technician, repairman, DIY

Unlike Felo Wire Strippers which are plastic, these VCELINK parrot wire strippers have metal and plastic parts. This makes them feel sturdy and light in the hand. They look exactly like the Tool Aid brand but cost half the price. (~ just under $15)

Unfortunately, though, the depth gauge slider mechanism on these pliers seems finicky. It fails to say in place sometimes.

Nonetheless, these end strippers are a good value for money. For just over $10, you can easily make them your go-to wire strippers for small wires in your home wiring and electronics projects because they are light on the hands and offer quick, repeatable stripping action.

These wire strippers also feature sharp integrated cutters for snipping wires and cables to length.

The only major downside with them (and this style of wire strippers) is that they are designed for small wires. They are not strong enough for wire gauges larger than 12 AWG. These strippers from VCELINK work best with wire sizes 14 – 24 AWG. They are ideal for stripping speaker wires, wires for lights, car audio wires, and any electronics wires.

VIDEO: VCELINK Automatic Wire Strippers Review (GJ702 & GJ710BL)

Looking for the best wire strippers for your electrical projects? In this video, I review and compare two incredible automatic wire strippers from VCELINK. One of them is the VCELINK GJ702 parrot style automatic wire stripping pliers -best for stripping short wires and working in tight spaces like panel boards.


Overall, these parrot-style wire strippers from VCELINK are really cool and handy. They won’t replace all your other stripping pliers but they definitely have their time and place. When you’re in a tight spot and can’t use traditional strippers, this is your tool. When you want to strip multiple short wires, these pliers will guarantee a consistent strip every time. They are a great little tool and fun to use!

But do not use them with wires that have Teflon insulation. I realized while testing them that they struggle a little with fine-gauge Teflon insulated wires. But by going slowly and adjusting the pressure knob at the back, it is possible to remove the sticky insulation material more cleanly.

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