VCELINK Self Adjusting Wire Stripper Review (with Video)

Perhaps by now you know I have a soft spot for self-adjusting wire strippers. These wire strippers take away the hassle of choosing the correct stripping slot every time. And you can use them to remove insulation on multiple wires of the same gauge in one go. This saves you valuable time on a wiring project without compromising the quality of work

So far I have tested several brands including Klein 11061 (the “G.O.A.T.”, IMO), Kaiweets KWS-103, and Irwin Vise Grip automatic wire strippers.

And recently, I had a chance to use the VCELINK self adjusting wire strippers on a wiring project. The guys at VCELINK surprised me with a pair for testing and these are my findings about this unit.

But first off, let’s explore some key features:

VCELINK Automatic Wire Stripping Tool

Key Features

  • Size: 8″ long
  • 3-in-1: wire stripper, crimper, and cutter
  • Stripping capacity: 10 – 28 AWG
  • Rubberized handles
  • Self-adjusting jaws

At a glance, these VCELINK self adjusting wire strippers are notably similar in design to the Kaiweets KWS-103, except for the colors. Both are 8 inches long and feature a wire cutter and a crimping section for insulated and non-insulated terminals.

kaiweets kws103 vs vcelink GJ713BL
Kaiweets KWS-103 vs VCELINK

However, the stripping jaws are machined just like Irwin Vise Grip or Klein automatic wire strippers.

What I Like

One of the features I like about these pliers is the 1-inch scale for the depth gauge. It lets you set the stripping depth with precision. Moreover, there is a positive stop on the gauge at 1/2 inch that allows you to set the depth of the strip without looking.

Another feature I like is the cutter. It is a blade and anvil type (not my favorite though) but it cuts wires cleanly all through. I have worked with many blade and anvil wire cutters, and I know they can be troublesome at times when the edge is blunt or does not sit flush on the anvil.

Personally, I prefer shear cutters because they cut clean all the time.

Lastly, price is the language most people (especially DIYers) understand. Luckily, these VCELink wire strippers are sturdy yet inexpensive. They are actually the cheapest of the 4 brands I have mentioned. And this makes them a great choice for DIYers.

With all that said, there are a few areas where these automatic wire strippers from VCELINK fall short.

What I Don’t Like

Well, there isn’t a lot to dislike about these pliers considering their price point. However, these two things were a concern— the first one is the crimper. It lacks practicality for any significant crimping tasks, as it demands considerable effort to effectively crush a terminal.

vcelink wire stripper cons

The second thing is the stiff handles. You need a fair amount of hand strength to squeeze them closed. This makes these pliers unsuitable for big projects that require stripping tons of wires because they can lead to serious hand fatigue.

I also realized that the handle on my unit comes off but that is a minor issue. You can easily fix it with any of these hacks for keeping plier handles from slipping.

VCELINK Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper (GJ710) Review


Overall, for the price point, these wire stripping pliers from VCELINK make great automatic wire strippers for DIY projects. I used them on a small home wiring project to strip both solid and stranded wires and they worked great. They removed the insulation without nicking the conductor or cutting a wire strand.

vcelink automatic wire stripper
Crimping insulated terminal with VCELINK self adjusting strippers

I also used them to crimp a few insulated fork terminals and although they aren’t the best tool for the job, they saved the day!

These pliers can be a perfect substitute for Irwin Vise Grip 2078300, or Kaiweets KWS-103, or any other self-adjusting wire stripper with cutter and crimper.

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