Meet Pliersman

Hey there, this is Pliersman or Julio if you like. A professional engineer, DIYer mechanic, and hobbyist at heart. I make and fix things in my garage using various tools including dozens of pliers.

Initially, I used to think that there are just a few types of pliers until I began making and repairing things in the garage. That’s when I realized the pliers world was bigger than I could imagine and that the types of pliers were more than children in my neighborhood.

Since then, an insatiable appetite for pliers crept into me and now I shop for them whenever I can. So far I have more than 30 types of pliers and still getting more. Thus, you can call me a pliers gatherer or pliers hunter because I like these jawed tools of class A levers.

What I have learned

Pliersman cutting electrical wire using side cutter pliers

I have learned one important thing since I started using the right pliers for the right job. That my productivity increased significantly and I don’t break things as often as I used to before.

This is because I use the right pliers for the job. And this is the very reason I started

I want to share with you information about different types of pliers for all trades to help you become more productive and also break less stuff, just like me.

What content will you find here? has you covered on everything about pliers tools including:

  • The different types of pliers
  • How to use different types of pliers
  • How to maintain and organize pliers
  • How to fix and repair things at home using pliers
  • Pliers tips and hacks
  • Application of specialty pliers
  • Pliers reviews to help you choose the best pliers every time
  • News about new pliers in the market

How to contact Pliersman

Should you want to get in touch with Pliersman for any reason, visit the contact page and drop your message. I’ll be glad to hear from you.

Lastly, on a light note, all the content here is written by human 🙂