What is the best alternative to crescent adjustable wrench?

A Crescent wrench, also known as an adjustable wrench or adjustable spanner is a must-have tool in my everyday carry tool box. I have been carrying it religiously to the job site instead of a slew of spanners of different sizes. However, since getting a 7″ Knipex pliers wrench, I seldom use the adjustable spanner for household and automotive tasks. I only reserve it for large fasteners and for use where the working space is limited.

Advantages of Knipex Pliers Wrench over Standard Crescent Adjustable Wrench

10 inch knipex pliers wrench
10″ knipex pliers wrench for professional plumbing and HVAC repairs

Knipex pliers wrench has many advantages over a crescent wrench. The first one is the time-saving ratcheting function that allows you to turn fasteners without having to remove the wrench and put it back as with a traditional adjustable wrench.

To ratchet the knipex pliers wrench, you simply let lose on the handles and turn the tool in reverse. The jaws will gently glide over the nut or bolt without rounding it. Once you are set, you squeeze the handles together and make a turn. This feature is very convenient when working in tight spots and saves time too.

Another advantage of the pliers wrench over the your standard Bahco adjustable spanner is the self-locking feature. It locks the jaws tighter onto the fastener as you apply more force.

Once it is locked in place, you do not have to continue squeezing the handles together. In fact, you can stand on the top handle to put your entire weight and the jaws won’t slip.

To disengage the self-locking feature simply lift off the top handle and the jaws will let go.

Comparatively, the knipex wrench pliers grip better than any adjustable spanner I have had. In fact, they cinch down on a nut or bolt even more as you apply more turning force. This is unlike the regular adjustable spanners that sometimes grip loosely and round off the corners of fasteners.

Another advantage is that the knipex pliers wrench quicker to set onto a fastener than a shifting spanner.

Advantages of Standard Adjustable Spanner over Knipex Pliers Wrench

adjustable spanner
Adjustable spanner

Despite their obvious advantages, Knipex pliers wrenches cannot completely replace the conventional adjustable spanners. There are times when gripping the handles of the pliers wrench can be inconveniencing. Other times it can be difficult to spread the handles of the pliers especially in limited-access situations.

Furthermore, standard ajustables offer more leverage when you are working on large fittings. The big adjustable spanners have long handles that provide better mechanical advantage.


Generally, the knipex pliers wrench are a great substitute for standard adjustable wrenches. They provide better clamping force when you squeeze the handles. This makes them the best for working on soft metal fittings such as brass and for straightening sheet metal.

The 7″ Knipex pliers wrench is the best for home and automotive repairs while the 10″ is perfect for professional plumbing, electrical works, and HVAC repairs. The 5″ (125mm) pliers wrench or the knipex wrench xs, on the other hand, are excellent EDCs. They fit properly in the pocket or in the pliers belt pouch together with your leatherman or other multitools.

Bottom line, the knipex pliers wrench slip less and open wider than the equivalent conventional adjustable wrench but cost a little more.

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