Best Bolt Cutters for Hard and Soft Metal

When you need a stealth way to cut a padlock after losing your keys, try a pair of bolt cutters. Bolt cutters are heavy duty pliers for cutting metal rods and thick wire. Primarily, these pliers are for cutting bolts but you can use them to cut thick and hard metal. A lot of people use them to cut rebar rods, padlock shackles, and fencing wire to name just a few.

In this article, I explore more about bolt cutters, their uses, and how to find the best one. You will also find out if it is illegal to have bolt cutters and when they can potentially get you in trouble. Lastly, I will share the best bolt cutters in the market to help you choose the right one for your project.

What are bolt cutters?

As I mentioned, bolt cutters are heavy duty cutting pliers for large bolts, thick wire, and metal rods. They have long handles and compound jaws that provide the leverage you need to cut through tough metal. Good bolt cutters have hardened cutting edges that cut metal without getting deformed.

Are bolt cutters illegal?

This is arguably the most asked question about bolt cutters and the simple answer is No with a caveat. And here is a detailed explanation.

Bolt cutters are so powerful that thieves and cops use them to break into stuff or gain forcible entry. For that reason, several states classify bolt cutters as a burglary tool. But this does not make them necessarily illegal. The illegality of possessing these pliers is rather subjective. So, you will not be arrested for buying bolt cutters but how you handle them can get you in trouble.

For instance, if you go swinging large bolt cutters in the streets of California, law enforcers might pull you over and confiscate the tool. In some cases, the cops can arrest you for being in possession of a burglary tool. But it depends on how they judge you and the explanation you give them for carrying the tool carelessly.

So, don’t take chances with your heavy-duty bolt cutter pliers. Always transport them in their packaging if they are not in the toolbox or in the vehicle kit.

Factors to consider when choosing the best bolt cutters

Although bolt cutters are just simple cutting pliers, it is not easy to choose the best one from a variety of options. There are a couple of factors your selection must tick to be sure it will do a good job of cutting bolts. Otherwise, you may end up paying a lot of money for a tool that will become toast after a couple of uses.

So, these are the most important factors to consider when you go shopping for a pair of bolt cutters.


It is not easy to tell that a tool will be durable before using it. But you can hope it will last longer if it is made with quality material. Bolt cutters that have a high chance of withstanding abuse over a long period of time are made from alloy steel.

Preferably, chrome vanadium


A rule of thumb when it comes to pliers is that you get more leverage from longer pliers. This is a rule of the class A type of levers. The further the effort is from the pivot, the less the force you need to move the load.

So, if the bolt cutters are long, they give you the mechanical advantage for cutting tough bolts and metal rods. However, size is not the only thing that gives you leverage. The weight of the pliers does too.


Ideally, heavy pliers are not the best for daily use because they cause a lot of hand fatigue. But when it comes to choosing bolt cutters, heavier is sometimes better.

Because you will be exerting a lot of force on the handles to cut bolts and tough metal, you need something that can withstand the pressure. This is what makes beefier bolt cutters better. They can take more clamping force without the handles bending out of shape.

Moreover, since you don’t use bolt cutters every day, their weight is bearable. You only need to avoid using them for long hours.

Cutting capacity

The cutting capacity or cutting diameter of bolt cutters is simply how wide the jaws open. A good pair of bolt cutters should at least open as wide as the stock you want to cut. So, before you go shopping for the cutters, make sure you know beforehand the size of bolts and metal rods you intend to cut. But generally, the cutting capacity of pliers goes hand-in-hand with overall pliers size. So, don’t expect to cut 1/2″ rebar with mini bolt cutters.


Since you will be using bolt cutters to cut very hard metal, the last thing you want is the cutting edges getting ruined or handles bending. And since the best bolt cutters are not cheap, a warranty on them would come a long way. But if you cannot get warranty cover on the entire tool, then a guarantee on the jaws would be good enough.

Best Bolt Cutters

Ridgid 14228 31″ Bolt Cutters – Best for the Money

If you want bolt cutters that are not too large and will cut nearly everything, try the 31″ Ridgid bolt cutters. They are constructed from strong hardened steel and boast a nice design and comfortable handles.

The Ridgid 14228 cutters offer different cutting capacities for different types of metals. They allow you to cut up to 1/2″ soft metal, 7/16″ medium-hardness metal, and 3/8″ hard metals. These pliers are great for cutting rebar, regular and master locks, and bolts, of course.

Who needs these Ridgid cutters?

The Ridgid 31″ bolt cutters are great for many applications. You can use them to easily cut through 3/8″ rebar, locks, and bolts. Truck drivers love them for cutting off bolt seals from trailers. Linesmen also love these bolt cutters from Ridgid Tools. They use them to cut steel utility strand conductors of sizes 1/4″, 5/6″, and 3/8″.

If you need bolt cutter pliers for your DIY projects, the 31 inch Ridgid bolt cutters are good although they are an overkill. But you can have them anyway. They are worth showing off and you won’t need to buy another pair in your lifetime. You can use them to cut bolts, fencing wire, bull panels, and any other metal objects that the jaws can go around.

Overall, these Ridgid bolt cutters are the real value for money. They are a “buy once, cry once” type of tool. They are the best for cutting padlocks and industrial master locks, heavy-duty chains, rebar rods, and other heavy-duty metals. What is so good about these Ridgid 14228 bolt cutters besides their strength is the lifetime warranty cover. Ridgid Tools Company provides a lifetime warranty cover for any defects that may cause the tool to malfunction. So, if the cutting edges wear out, the company will replace the tool free of charge.

Gedore 8340Z 13″ Bolt Cutters – Best Mini Bolt Cutters

If you need to cut steel nails and screws but your side cutters are not up to the task, then you need a pair of mini bolt cutters. One of the best mini bolt cutters is the Gedore 8340Z. These small bolt cutters fit in the palm like regular pliers and have superior cutting ability.

The Gedore 8340Z mini bolt cutters are forged from hardened steel. The cutting edges are further induction hardened to a 65 HRC hardness to improve their cutting ability. Moreover, the cutting edges have a double cutting surface that makes cutting hard metal easier. It also helps preserve the main cutter.

When cutting an object, you first place it near the pivot to crimp it. Then move it further from the pivot to the main blade to cut it. This double-cutting design provides great efficiency when cutting and keeps the main blade sharp for a longer time.

The handles of the Gedore 8340 bolt pliers are excellent too. They are uniquely designed to not open too far. This makes it possible for people with arthritis to use them without a problem. The handle material is very ergonomic and makes the tool very comfortable to use even when cutting through tough screws and nails.

Who needs Gedore 8340 Mini Bolt Cutters

The Gedore mini bolt cutters are excellent for regular use. You can use them to cut screws, nails, and fencing wires that are too large for side cutters. These pliers easily fit in the toolbox like other pliers. So, if you need a bolt cutter that you can easily carry in the toolbox, you can consider these German-made bolt cutters. They have superior German quality and will not let you down.

24″ HK Porter Bolt Cutters

The HK Porter cutters are another great pair of bolt cutters for soft, medium, and hard metal. They have an overall length of 24 inches and their jaws are induction hardened to provide great cutting strength.

Although these heavy duty bolt cutters open up to 5/8″, their cutting capacity varies with materials. They can cut up to 7/16″ medium to hard materials and not more than 5/16″ of hardened materials.

HK Porter bolt cutters incorporate a unique technology in the jaw mechanism to reduce the effort needed to make a cut. This makes using the pliers to cut hardened materials such as lock shanks less laborious. However, you will still need to apply a decent amount of force to cut hard bolts.

What makes these heavy duty bolt cutters from HK Porter great is their cutting ability and the price point. At half the price of the Kleins, these bolt cutters cut better and more cleanly. You can use them to cut a variety of materials including wire shelving, bolts, padlocks, chain link, chains, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you cut a master lock with bolt cutters?

Small bolt cutters might not provide the leverage you need to cut the hardened shackle of a master lock. But nothing will stop a solid pair of 30″ bolt cutters and above such as Ridgid 31 inch from chewing up an industrial master lock like a piece of cake.

master lock broken with ridgid 24" bolt cutters
Above is an example of an industrial lock broken with Ridgid 31″ heavy duty bolt cutters by an Amazon Customer.

Is having bolt cutters illegal?

Having bolt cutters is not illegal but carrying them carelessly across the street could get you in trouble. I have discussed it more extensively above.

Do bolt cutters cut locks?

Many bolt cutters can cut locks that are not hardened. But when it comes to hardened locks, only the large heavy-duty bolt cutters can have a stab. However, some large industrial master locks are difficult to cut with bolt cutters. You would need an angle grinder with a diamond cutting blade.

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