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One Step Looper Piers, Why You Need Them In Jewelry Making

why you need one step looper pliers

One of the most essential skills in jewelry making is to form a perfect eye loop on jewelry wire. Wire loops are an important part of rosaries, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces among other chain-link jewelry pieces. They create eye pins…

Best Wire Wrapping Pliers for Jewelry Making

wire wrapping pliers

Wire wrapping is an important art in jewelry making. It involves bending, twisting, manipulating, and forming jewelry wire into different intricate shapes and patterns. Jewelers use jewelry wire to wrap around crystals, shells, and gemstones to make beautiful pendants for…

5 Must-have Jewelry Pliers for Beginners and Pro Jewelers

jewelry pliers for making jewelry

Jewelry making is a type of creative art that involves making ornaments using materials such as beads, wires, strings, metal, and precious stones. To become a jeweler, you need to be creative and most importantly, have at least the basic…