New Jaw Protectors for New Generation Cobras

During the Plumbing Special 2022 update, Knipex Tools launched some innovative professional plumbing tools. And as always, no tool release event by Knipex is complete without a generous mention of Knipex cobra.

This time around though, the big announcement was not about a new model of cobra water pump pliers. Rather, it was about some important new accessories for Knipex Cobras.

Knipex Tools announced an update of plastic jaw protectors for the new generation Cobra pliers. These protective jaws will prevent your beloved cobra adjustable pliers from leaving lasting impressions on delicate workpieces.

Knipex tools protective jaws
Knipex Jaw Protectors (Source: Knipex Tools)

As you know, the work site will always confront you with different materials every day. Some of these materials are quite delicate and require extra care.

For instance, you know as a plumber that you will inevitably encounter polished chrome fixtures and fittings in bathrooms and kitchens. And no matter how well you fix them, your client will not be happy if your tools leave marks on them.

So, you must make sure that the tools you use do not create more problems when gripping such sensitive materials and surfaces.

Having been in such situations, I know what it means to try different methods to keep the beloved cobra pliers from leaving lasting teeth marks on materials. Sometimes the hacks work and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they will work but complicate a simple project. Luckily, now Knipex Tools have a solution that works better.

More about the Soft Jaws for Latest Cobra Generation

protective jaws for gripping copper bars
Using the soft jaws to grip delicate copper bar (source: Knipex Tools)

These new protective jaws are made from plastic. They are molded to fit like a glove on the jaws of your new generation cobras. This means you cannot use them on old-style cobras.

The jaw covers are thick and fit so nicely. This gives you the peace of mind you never had when using newer models of cobras to grip sensitive materials.

Unfortunately, the soft jaw protectors only work for sizes 7-1/2″, 10″, and 12″ of the newest cobra generation. But aren’t these the most versatile sizes of cobra water pump pliers?

Personally, I use the 10″ cobra more than any other size. So, the soft jaws will definitely come in very handy when I need a smooth grip on finished sinks and faucets.

The product numbers for the protective jaws are 87 09 180 V01, 87 09 250 V01, and 87 09 300 V01 for the three sizes of cobras respectively.

How do you know you have the newest generation of cobra pliers?

Well, as I mentioned, the recently released jaw protectors are designed for the newest generation of cobra pliers. I know you are wondering what is this new Knipex cobra generation? How does it look? What’s the difference with the old generation? The answer is simple.

The newest generation cobra pliers have a slightly curved fine adjustment space. The space is straight on the earlier generation cobras.

Another way to tell that you have the newest model of cobra pliers is if they were manufactured after 2010.

Most people do not notice such subtle differences between models of tools. But at least now you see that such small variations can make a big difference.

So, the next time you go shopping for Knipex cobras, be very keen on details so that you pick the correct generation. Otherwise, you might just take home another old model of cobra thinking it is the newest release.

There you have it! With these new soft jaws, you can now grip delicate surfaces with confidence using the newest cobras. Just make sure the protective jaws fit nicely in place and you will be good to go.

Knipex Plumbing Special 2022 Tools Update
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