This category is about all fasteners that require the use of specialty pliers to install or remove. A good example is a hog ring fastener which requires hog ring pliers to clamp it into place.

What are split rings and their uses

split rings
You have probably come across a type of ring with double strands for holding small objects together. The objects could be a bunch of keys, fish lures, a treble hook, or a piece of jewelry. That’s a split ring. In…

What are Snap Rings and How to Use them

Snap ring fastener
A snap ring is a strong, thin, C-shaped metallic ring that works as a retaining fastener on shafts and inside circular bores to retain assembly parts. However, unlike a nut or bolt that threads onto a piece, a snap ring…

What are Hog Rings and How to use them

what are hog ring and how to use them
Perhaps what came to mind when you first heard hog rings is rings for pigs. Surprisingly, you are not wrong. The name hog is a British name for large castrated male pigs. Because the pigs have a natural behavior of…