This category is about all fasteners that require the use of specialty pliers to install or remove. A good example is a hog ring fastener which requires hog ring pliers to clamp it into place.

E-clip Pliers, The Best For Removing E-Rings?

e clip removal pliers

E-clips or e-rings are easy to install by hand but are hard to remove without a tool. Some of the tools you can use to remove them include e-clip remover tool, flat screwdriver, or needle nose pliers. But being a…

Cleco Pliers, Why You Need Them for Sheet Metal Work

cleco pliers for sheet metal work

When fabricating sheet metal or panels you may sometimes need to fasten the workpieces together or hold them in place before attaching them permanently. This is not difficult when working on the bench because you can use regular clamps or…

What are split rings and their uses

split rings

You have probably come across a type of ring with double strands for holding small objects together. The objects could be a bunch of keys, fish lures, a treble hook, or a piece of jewelry. That’s a split ring. In…

What Are Hog Rings and How To Use Them

what are hog ring and how to use them

Perhaps what came to mind when you first heard hog rings is rings for pigs. Surprisingly, you are not wrong. The name hog is a British name for large castrated male pigs. Because the pigs have a natural behavior of…