Pliers Reviews

Choosing the best pliers from a bunch of alternatives can sometimes cause a headache. But with a good buying guide, the process can be less hectic. In this category, you will find review guides for different types of pliers so that you can spend less time choosing and more time working with the pliers. The reviews are based on my experiences and the experienced of experts and other pliers enthusiasts.

3 Best Snap Ring Pliers Sets

best snap ring pliers sets

Whether you are installing a floating piston pin, assembling gears, or doing any type of assembly that uses snap ring fasteners, you need a tool that can easily install and remove the snap rings. What is a snap ring? A…

6 Best Needle Nose Pliers for All Trades

best needle nose pliers

Sometimes when working on a project, you need a tool that will grab small objects without damaging them or reach deep places, or grip and bend small and medium gauge wire. Many types of pliers will do the job but…