Pliers Reviews

Choosing the best pliers from a bunch of alternatives can sometimes cause a headache. But with a good buying guide, the process can be less hectic. In this category, you will find review guides for different types of pliers so that you can spend less time choosing and more time working with the pliers. The reviews are based on my experiences and the experienced of experts and other pliers enthusiasts.

Swaging Tool, What Is It?

best swaging tool
If you use cable ferrules in your wire rope rigging projects, you need a swaging tool to crimp the cable ferrules properly. Read this article to learn about swaging pliers.

Best split ring pliers

best split ring pliers

Split rings are useful for hanging small objects or connecting them together. You will find them on keychains for bundling a bunch of keys or connecting them to a keyholder. If you are in jewelry-making, split rings come in handy…

Best Wire Ferrule Crimping Tool

best wire ferrule crimping tool
When terminating stranded wire, you need a reliable tool to crimp ferrules on the wire ends. Find out in this article the best wire ferrule crimping pliers you can use for your small and big electrical projects.

Spring hose clamp pliers, what are they?

hose clamp removal pliers
Spring hose clamps are quite difficult to remove or fit but hose clamp pliers make the work easy. Read this article to learn more about different spring hose clamps and the best pliers for removing them.

Best fishing pliers for all anglers

When going fishing, you should always have fishing pliers in your tackle box if not in your belt pliers holder. It does not matter whether you are a bass fisherman, ice fisherman, surf caster, or salt-water angler. These specialty pliers…

Duckbill pliers: All you need to know about them

what are duck bill pliers

There are so many specialty pliers in the market that only a few people know about. One of them is the duckbills pliers or assembly pliers. These are a type of flat wide nose pliers that you will find mostly…

7 Best Diagonal Cutters/Side Cutters Pliers

best diagonal cutters and side cutters
A good pair of diagonal cutters or side cutters cuts easier and more effectively than any regular pliers with cutting edges. Find out in this article the best diagonal/side cutting pliers for your project.