Cranach 14-in-1 Multitool Pliers Review

If the price of Leatherman multi tool pliers is out of reach, these Cranach 14-in-1 multitool pliers are a good bargain. Find out more about them in this article.

With more people turning to compact tools, multi tool pliers are hard to ignore. They are special types of convertible pliers with multiple functions.

Multi tool pliers fold nicely to fit in a small pouch and are easy to carry around in the pocket or on the work belt.

They make a very good EDC utility tool. Their multiple tools arm you for any basic indoor or outdoor task.

Multi-tools are a great survival gear to have with you all the time. You can use them to do survival things such as opening food cans and beverage bottles, sharpening a hunting knife, and cutting off tree branches on your camping trip, among other tasks.

Not to mention, multitool pliers do all the functions of miniature regular pliers such as gripping, bending, and cutting small wires.

One of the cheapest but useful multitool pliers I have is the Cranach Multitool pliers. These multifunction pliers are not in the same league as Leatherman or Gerbers but they are good for light tasks and you won’t pay through the nose for them.

In this article, I share more about the features of the Cranach multi tool pliers and my experience with them.

Features of Cranach Multitool Pliers

integrated tools in the cranach multitool pliers kit
Cranach Multi Tool Pliers


The pliers on this multitool are 3-in-1. You can use them as needle-nose pliers, regular pliers, or wire cutters. However, they are just good for small projects where you would be using pliers of the same size.

The jaws are long and serrated just like those of typical long nose pliers. You can use them to grip small objects in tight spaces.

The throat of the pliers is curved and has larger grooves like typical combination pliers. They are good for gripping round objects such as small round pipes.

Lastly, the multi-function pliers have small cutters next to the pivot. You can use them to cut thin copper and aluminum wires. The cutters are not very strong so do not use them to cut hardened wires unless you want to damage them.


The pliers multi tool have a flat and Philip’s head screwdriver. You can use them to drive small screws. Unfortunately, the tips of the screwdrivers have a fixed size, which limits their versatility. You will only find them useful for tightening or loosening appliance screws.


The tool has a single file with multiple sections for filing different things. You can use it to file wood, metal, and nails. One side has serrations in one direction just like a regular file. You can use it to sharpen your utility knife. The other side is cross-hatched and would be perfect filing nails. So, if your wife or girlfriend clipped her nails and needs to file them down, you can let her use the file.

The tip of the file also doubles up as a large flat screwdriver. You can use it to drive large slotted screws.

Knife blade

This is probably the feature I use the most after the pliers. I use it for anything I would use a pocket knife for including cutting soft materials and opening Amazon delivery boxes and blister packages.

Package opener

The package opener is a small thick blade with a dull edge. You can use it to open carton packages and break tape seals if the knife feels too sharp.

Serrated blade

I have not found many uses for the serrated blade but I know it can be good for cutting in drywall or carving pumpkins for Halloween. You can also use it to cut through crusted bread and baguette when you go camping in the wild.

Bottle and can opener

The bottle and can opener is an essential tool on any multi function pliers, especially if you fancy outdoor activities. You can use it to open drinks and food cans without hassles. The Cranach multitool can opener is nice and sturdy and does a perfect job of opening sealed food cans.


Overall, the Cranach Multitool pliers are well-made and have a good assortment of tools. You can take them with you for any trip including fishing and camping and they will not disappoint.

What I like the most: I particularly like the sharp blade and the locking feature that locks each tool in place before deploying.

To ensure a tool is safe for use, simply swivel it out all the way until you hear a good firm click. Once locked, the tool should not fold back until you press the black tab on the outside of the handle to unlock it.

Another thing I like about the Cranach Multi Tool Pliers kit is the heavy-duty nylon sheath that comes with the tool. It makes carrying the tool around very easy.

What I dislike: I don’t like that the holster has only a belt hoop and no clip. This for me is quite disappointing because I have to remove the belt to loop it through the sheath. But it is not a deal breaker.

I also don’t like the fact that none of the tools is outside accessible. This can can turn you off if you want multi tool pliers with some quick-access tools. You have to unfold the Cranach multi tool to access all the tools.

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