Gedore Pliers Wrench, Better than Knipex?

The Knipex pliers wrench has been the obvious choice of pliers wrench for plumbers for a long time. In fact, it has been the euphemism for pliers wrenches. This is not the case anymore. Now there are more options such as the Gedore and Lenox pliers wrenches among others that are giving Knipex a run for its money.

In case you dont know what is a pliers wrench, it is a type of adjustable pliers with smooth jaws open parallel to each other. It is a pliers version of an adjustable spanner.

In this article, we look at the Gedore pliers wrench to find out why it might be a good alternative to the Knipex wrench pliers.

Gedore Pliers Wrench Features

  • Wide jaw opening up to 2 inches
  • 1:10 leverage ratio for maximum amplification of hand force
  • Push-button mechanism for easy adjustment
  • Has 22 groove locks to ensure a smooth adjustment
  • Available in comfort-grip handles and dipped plastic handles
  • Has protective jaws for a smoother grip (bought separately)
  • Quality chrome-plated finish
  • Available in 10″ and 7″
  • Made in Austria

Gedore vs Knipex Pliers Wrench

gedore vs knipex pliers wrench

The Gedore pliers spanner borrows so much in design from Knipex pliers wrench. In fact, you might think it is a replica but when you look at it closely or use it, you will notice some subtle differences.

The table below is is a comparison of 10″ Knipex and Gedore pliers wrenches. It is amazing how well the Gedore stacks against Knipex.


Both Knipex and Gedore pliers wrenches are well made but Gedore feels more solid. It is heavier and the moving jaw is firmer with minimal play at all positions. In contrast, Knipex seems to have a bit of slop on the lower jaw, especially in wider openings.

Also, the handles of Knipex pliers wrench are farther apart than Gedore. This makes the Gedore more comfortable to grip, especially if you have small hands.


That being said, the Gedore wrench pliers have a few shortcomings. One, the push button adjustment mechanism is not as easy to dial into position as Knipex.

You must open the handle to a certain point for the pushbutton to engage so that you can adjust the jaws. Also, you must apply some clamping force on the handles for the button to disengage and lock the jaws in place. This push-button mechanism may feel awkward at first before you get used to it.

But depending on how you look at it, this strange pushbutton design on the Gedore might be a good feature to lock the jaws and prevent pushing the button accidentally.

The second shortcoming is the potential pinch point on the handles when you open the jaw to wider positions. It can hurt your fingers if you are not careful.

Thirdly, Gedore pliers wrenches are only available in two sizes (250mm and 180mm) whereas Knipex has 6 common sizes of pliers wrenches from 100mm (xs version) to 300mm.

Lastly, because the Gedore is slightly heavier and beefier than Knipex, it might be difficult to fit in some tight positions. Good thing is that the Gedore pliers wrench ratchets just as nicely as the Knipex. This is important because it enables you to tighten or loosen a fastener with minimal arc swing.

The video below is an in-depth comparison of Gedore, Knipex, and other European pliers wrenches.

Comparison of Gedore, Knipex, Wiha, and Stahlwille pliers wrenches


Despite the few shortcomings, the Gedore pliers wrench is well-built, fairly priced, and generally as versatile as Knipex. It offers a wide opening range and the jaws remain perfectly parallel over the entire range. The adjustment mechanism is one of the smoothest, you only need to learn how to use the pushbutton lock.

Although there are not many sizes to select from like Knipex, Gedore offers the most used sizes: 7″ and 10″. You also get to choose between multicomponent comfort grip handles and dipped handles.

Generally, a good pair of pliers wrench beats carrying around tons of wrenches and offers a better grip than an adjustable spanner. In my opinion, the 10-inch Gedore pliers wrench feels better and more solid than the same-size Knipex wrench pliers. It would be a nice addition to your plumbing tools, especially if you are an HVAC guy.

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