The best alternative oil filter pliers for removing seized oil filters

Oil filter pliers or wrench is usually the best for removing a stuck oil filter. But when you do not have one at hand, you can try other methods such as using a bike or bicycle chain or strap wrench. Alternatively, you can use your channel lock tongue and groove pliers. But not all of them do the job. The most appropriate Channel water pump pliers for removing oil filters have serrated flat or V-jaws.

As far as size is concerned, the 12 inch Channellock 440 tongue and groove pliers are the best. They open wide than 2-1/4inches, which is wide enough for most oil filters in small cars. The channel lock 440 is huge. It has long handles that provide the necessary leverage for breaking loose a stuck oil filter without busting your knuckles. The handles have vinyl grips to keep the pliers from sliding out of your hand.

The jaws are grooved to provide a tight grip on anything you put in between. They go around the oil filter and grip it like a magnet. They are also easy to adjust to different capacities to grab various sizes of small oil filters.

removing stuck oil filter with channellock waterpump pliers
removing oilf filter with oil filter removal tool

Unfortunately, these American-made water pump pliers with iconic blue handles do not open wide enough to accommodate very large oil filters such as those on large diesel engines. Therefore, a designated oil filter removal tool would be inevitable when dealing with such kinds of engines.

Otherwise, the 12 inch Channel Lock 440 adjustable pliers are great to have at hand. They are not only good for home plumbing but also for removing stubborn oil filters when changing the oil in your cars. The pliers are versatile and modestly priced. In fact, instead of buying oil filter pliers for changing out the small oil filters, I would recommend getting a pair of ChannelLock 440. Their use is not limited to the garage only. You can use them to fix the plumbing on your sink or bathroom when you are not changing the oil in your car.

So, if you think the channellocks 440 are too huge, think again. They are the best alternative for removing seized oil filter canisters from cars.

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