Pliers News: The Market Size for Needle Nose Pliers Market Set to Grow Through 2027

The popularity of needle nose pliers is not dropping any time soon. The new annual market research report on Needle Nose Pliers forecasts that the demand for the long-nosed pliers will continue to increase for the next 7 years.

According to the report analysis, the most prolific market segments of Needle Nose pliers are the type segment and the application segment.

Market segments for Needle nose pliers

In the type segment, there are two major subcategories. The professional electronic needle-nose pliers category and the ordinary Electronic Needle-Nose Pliers. The electronic type includes all the small profile long nose pliers, with straight or bent jaws. The pliers are designed for gripping electronic components and their demand will continue to increase with the growth in the electronics industry. The pliers are good for gripping tiny electronic components. The ordinary type subcategory includes all common long nose pliers for electrical wiring and general-purpose use.

The other market categry for needle nose pliers is the application segment. According to the report, the top subcategories in the segment include needle nose for electronic repairs, equipment maintenance, and decocation.

The electronics repair long nose pliers are those that target the electronics repair and manufacturing industries. These are for assembling electronics and picking tiny components. The equipment maintenance subcategory includes all the heavy duty pliers used by electricians, automotive technicians, and general-purpose pliers. Lastly, the decorative subcategory covers all the pliers used in crafts such as cloth-making, jewelry making, and wire craft.

Pliers manufacturers

Some of the leading manufacturers poised to benefit from the growth in the demand for long nose pliers include:

  • Knipex Tools
  • Channellock
  • Wiha
  • Stanley Tools
  • Bahco
  • Amstrong Tools

These are the companies that make some of the best quality pliers.

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