6 Best Belt Plier Holders for Belt (2021 Review)

Keeping your trusty pair of pliers in your pocket is not only unsafe but can also puncture your pockets. This is why you need one of these pliers holsters.

After a penknife, the other tool that should have a permanent place in the pocket is a small pair of pliers or pocket pliers. They are great to carry around wherever you go, especially if you are a handy person. Moreso, pliers are useful for outdoor activities such as camping, backpacking, and fishing. That is why you should have a pair at hand.

For instance, you should have your fishing pliers handy whenever you go fishing to remove hooks and cut lines. But instead of letting the pliers puncture holes in your pockets, why not put them in a stylish belt plier holder? Well, in this article, I review the 6 best belt pliers holders for different types of pocket pliers including your multi tool pliers.

What is a plier holder?

A pliers holder or sheath is a small holster for carrying pliers. It has a loop, belt clip, or slots for wearing it on a tool belt or regular belt. Pliers holsters come in various shapes and sizes to hold different types of pliers. But generally, the holders can fit most pliers without a problem, especially the micro pliers. Some pliers sheaths are small and only fit a single tool while others are big enough to fit both a pocket knife and pliers or 2 pairs of pliers. Others have multiple pockets for holding extra pocket tools.

How to choose the best belt plier holder for your pliers

When selecting a holster for your trusty pair of pliers, you should consider the following important factors

pliers holder for linesman pliers
Fitting the linesman pliers in a plier holder case


The size of the pliers you want to have on you all the time determines the proper holster size to choose. However, micro pliers virtually fit in any holster. But if you want to carry a large pair such as the linesman or 6″ water pump pliers, you may want to find out first if they will fit well in the pouch.


Pliers holders are made of different materials including leather and polyester. The choice of material depends mostly on your personal preference but leather is arguably more durable. However, you must know how to care for a leather holster to keep it in good shape for long. Otherwise, a polyester pliers sheath might be a better option because it requires minimal or no maintenance. You only need to wash with soap and water and you are good to go.

Construction Quality

No matter the durability of the material if the plier holder is poorly constructed it will come apart very easily. So, when choosing a holster for your pliers, you should check the quality of the stitches and how all the pressure points are taken care of. Good tool pouches are double stitched and the pressure points riveted.


Most pouches for pliers look similar. They are just a deep tapered pocket with a belt loop or slot. However, there are those that look stylish and others that have a loop for an extra tool. For example, there are holsters that have a plastic belt clip instead of a slot. The clip allows you to hook the holder onto anything other than the belt. Some pouches are custom-made for particular types of pliers.

Attachment options

belt pliers holder with a belt/pocket clip
A handyman attaching a pliers holster with clip to the pocket (Source: Amazon)

A pliers holder for belt is designed to be worn on the belt. Therefore, it should have a belt hoop or belt clip, or both.

Although any the attachment mechanisms works, a belt clip is more convenient. It is easy to attach to the belt and also easy to detach as well. This makes pliers holders with belt clips easy to wear because you don’t have to remove the belt and thread it through. Instead, you just snap the pliers’ pouch onto the belt and you are good to go.

Pliers holders with belt clip are also versatile. You can hook them onto the pocket of your pants when you don’t have a belt. The only problem with them is that some belt clips (especially plastic) are finicky and will break or detach from the pouch. If this happens, you could lose your favorite pair of pliers or even the pouch. And this is the only reason why you would need a hoop on your belt plier holder.


The last thing to think about when buying a pliers holder is the price. They are generally inexpensive and mostly the price is consistent with the quality and value you get. So, spend happily on the pouch that best serves your needs.

Best Belt Pliers Holders

Felco 910 Leather Holster – Best Overall

felco plier holder

Key Features

  • Molded leather case
  • Belt slots size: 2 inches
  • Depth: 6 inches
  • Length: 9-1/4″
  • Includes a belt clip

Felco leather holster is arguably the best holder for your favorite pliers. It has a single pocket that is deep enough to hold your small or medium-sized pliers or snips.

The holster is well-made. It is constructed out of good quality genuine leather and the edges are well stitched and reinforced with rivets to make the pouch endure daily abuse.

This Felco pliers leather case comes with two attachment features. The 2″ belt slot and a belt clip at the back. The two attachment options ensure that no belt is too wide for the pouch to fit. The plastic snap also lets you clip the holster over the pocket of your pants when you are not wearing a belt.

Although the Felco plier holder is designed ideally for carrying pruning shears, you can use it to hold virtually any type of pliers so long as they can fit. It is easy to wear and remove and offers more attachment options.

The Felco holster is well priced and will last a lifetime if you take care of it. It is a great way to save your pockets from getting punctured by your favorite pliers. There is also a variety of Felco plier holders to choose from for your different types of pliers.

CLC 418 Custom Leathercraft Plier Tool Holder – Best for medium-sized pliers

clc leather pliers case

Key Features

  • Molded leather case
  • Belt slots size: 2 1/4 inches
  • Riveted at the pressure points

The CLC 418 plier holder from Customer Leathercraft is another excellent leather case for carrying your trusty pair of pliers. It has a single pocket that is big enough to fit different sizes of pliers, snips, or secateurs.

The plier holder is made from great quality cowhide that is sewn together with heavy-duty stitching. The stitching is further reinforced with rivets for added durability.

Unfortunately, the CLC 418 leather pouch has only one belt attachment option. In other words, it only features a belt loop and no belt clip. The belt slot can take any belt size so long as it is not wider than 2 1/4 inches.

The sheath also does not feature a snap for keeping your pliers from falling off. The snap may not be very important for 8″ pliers because they fit snugly, but it would be great for securing smaller pliers that may fall off when you bend or jump.

That being said, the CLC 418 leather pliers pouch can hold up well for a very long time if you properly maintain the leather.

The CLC 418 leather sheath works best for medium-sized pliers such as the 9″ Klein Linesmen that fit snugly without falling off. You can also use it to carry insulated pliers too which don’t fit in most pliers holders.

But if you want a holster from CLC leathercraft, then you can check out the CLC 768 plier holder.

Bucket Boss 55145 Leather Pliers Holder – Best for narrow pliers

bucket boss holster for pliers

Key Features

  • Made from saddle leather
  • Reinforced with metal rivets
  • The sleeve is tapered.
  • Belt loop size: 2 inch

The BucketBoss 55145 leather pliers holster is excellent for small and narrow pliers. The sleeve is narrow and tapered so that your pliers can fit like a glove.

The pouch is well stitched and all the pressure points are double-stitched and further reinforced with metallic rivets. The pouch is excellent for carrying narrow profile pliers such as the long and short versions of most linesmen and slip-joint pliers.

The only limitation is that the pouch does not have a belt clip. However, the 2″ external slots can fit most work belts.

Occidental Leather 5013-3 Holster – Best for Carrying Pruning Shears

occidental leather plier holster

Key Features

  • Size: 2.75″ x 5.5″
  • Hand-stitched and reinforced with rivets
  • Belt loop size: 3inch

As with other Occidental leather tool pouches and organizers, the 5013-3 Occidental pliers holster is made from high-quality leather and above all, hand-stitched. It is an excellent fit for Felco and other similar pruning shears. However, you can also use it to carry most pliers and side cutters. The knipex mini bolt cutters fit perfectly in it as well but most insulated pliers won’t fit.

Dewalt DG5173 Heavy-duty Construction Tool Holder – Best non-leather pliers holder

occidental leather plier holster

Key Features

  • Made of heavy-duty ballistic polyester material
  • Belt loop size: 2 3/4″
  • No. of pockets: 4
  • Includes a steel clip for attaching a measuring tape

Most pliers holders are made of leather but the Dewalt DG5173 is constructed from heavy-duty ballistic polyester material. It is the best non-leather pliers carrier.

The Dewalt pliers tool holder has 4 pockets in total. The main pocket is big enough to fit at least two medium-sized pliers. For example, you can fit the 10″ cobra and a 6″ Klein linesman. The pocket is also wide enough to fit the stubby medium-sized insulated pliers. The other three pockets are narrow and are ideal for carrying other pocket tools and micro-pliers.

Generally, the Dewat DG5173 nylon tool pouch is very well constructed and feels very sturdy. You can take it through a beating and it will remain in good shape for months. It is the best plier holster for contractors who want to carry a couple of pocket tools; not just pliers. If you are an HVAC technician, you might find it useful and convenient for carrying your essential HVAC hand tools.

The limitations of the Dewalt plier holster are that it only offers a hoop attachment option and the polyester material is not as durable as good leather.

Nite Ize Tool Holster – Best for Small Pliers and Multi Tool Pliers

occidental leather plier holster

Key Features

  • Made of polyester fabric
  • Pouch is 3.5inch deep
  • 5.5 inches tall with flap closed.Belt loop size: 2 3/4″
  • Features a plastic clip that swivels

The Nite Ize is a unique tool holster for pliers and other pocket tools. It is made from sturdy polyester fabric and is more durable than some leather. The pouch features a closure strap for keeping small pliers and multi tools from falling.

Instead of a fabric hoop, the Nite Ize pliers pouch features a plastic clip. The clip slips easily onto or from the belt. You do not have to unbuckle it.

The belt clip is large enough to fit a belt that is as wide as 2.25″. What is even more exciting is that you can swivel the pouch around the belt clip to get it out of the way and to avoid sitting on it. This feature makes it the best belt pliers holder for small fishing pliers.

Lastly, the Nite Ize holster is 5 inches tall with the strap closed. This is big enough for your leatherman multi tool or very tiny pliers such as Knipex pliers wrench xs or cobra xs. The strap uses a button that opens and closes in a snap instead of the annoying tearing sound of velcro.

Overall, this is the best non-leather tool holster for very tiny pliers and pocket tools because the strap keeps them from falling off. Whether you are going fishing or camping, the Nite Ize pliers holster will keep your trust tiny pliers from falling off.

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