CLC 768 Pliers Sheath Review (in Pictures)

Whenever I am working on a project, I like to have all the tools I will need within reach. If possible, I like to have critical hand tools on my body for easy retrieval and storage. This helps to increase productivity and reduce the time wasted rummaging the toolbox searching for tools.

As such, I like to make good use of on-body tool carriers such as tool belts and tool pouches. They help keep important tools on the body. Just recently, I added the CLC 768 leather pliers sheath to my collection of tool pouches for pliers. I must say the quality of the leather sheath and the price amaze me.

Key Features


clc 768 plier holder on the belt
Pliersman fitting the pliers sheath on the belt

The sheath is nicely molded to the shape of ordinary pliers. Its front is tapered so that the tip of your pliers can fit snugly.

The mouth is wide enough to fit most plastic dipped handles. This molded design ensures that the biggest part of your pliers stays in the pouch.

You can see the picture of how the sheath fits on the belt (inset).

Closing strap

As you can see in the picture, CLC 768 pliers sheath features a nice leather strap for holding your pliers. It has metallic snaps that lock very well to keep your pliers from coming off.

The strap secures even the insulated or comfort grip pliers whose handles won’t fit in the pouch. In fact, the strap is one of the main selling points of the CLC 768 leather sheath.

Belt hoop

The belt loop measures about 2.5″ wide. It is wide enough to fit on your regular belt or tool belt. A metal rivet holds the hoop nicely in place to increase reliability.


From end to end, the sheath measures about 8.5 inches. The pocket is tapered and is about 5 inches deep. The mouth is roughly 1.5 inches wide, which is big enough to fit most plastic-dipped pliers.

clc pliers holster size
Measuring the size of CLC pliers holster

What I like most the leather CLC 768 Plier Holder

What I like most about the CLC 768 pliers holster is the price and the leather strap. This leather pliers sheath packs so much value for less than $10. It is solid and the stitching on the edges is on the money but double stitching would make it impeccable. Nonetheless, there are rivet reinforcements on the obvious pressure points, which is a big plus.

Lastly, the handy strap holds pliers and keeps them from falling off. This is particularly useful for pliers with thick handles that will not fit inside the pouch. Once the jaws go in, you pass the closing strap between the handles to secure the pliers in place.

What I do not like about CLC 768 Pliers Holster

There are only two things I do not like about the sheath. One of them is the color. The leather is so plain and dry and may start cracking soon. However, I plan to treat it with leather conditioner oil to soften it so that it can last longer.

The other thing I do not like is the rough edges. They are a bit poorly cut and do not create a good impression. However, you can smoothen the edges by sanding down and applying beeswax.

With that being said, CLC Custom Leathercraft 768 Deluxe Plier Holder is an excellent leather sheath for my 8″ Stanley Linesman pliers at such a bargain price. If you would like to get one, you can purchase it on Amazon via the link below. You can also compare it with these other best pliers holders for different types of pliers.

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