Pliers Tips

Having the pliers is one thing but knowing how to use them correctly is another thing. In this category, you will find all the tips and hacks for using pliers effectively, creatively, and safely. You will also learn how to keep and maintain pliers so that they can serve you longer.

How to condition a leather holster for pliers

How to condition a leather holster for pliers

Leather holsters and pouches for pliers need conditioning at least to keep them in good shape for a longer period. It does not matter if the sheath is new or old. They all need a retouch with some leather conditioner…

Best Alternative Oil Filter Pliers

best alternative oil filter removal pliers

Oil filter pliers or wrench is usually the best tool for removing a stuck oil filter. But when you do not have the tool on hand, you can try other methods such as using your belt, bike chain, screwdriver, strap…

How to Sharpen Tin Snips Pliers – 3 DIY Methods

how to sharpen tin snips

Tin snips or metal shears are a type of cutting pliers for sheet metal. You can also use them to cut other materials such cardboard, plastic sheeting, PVC, chicken wire, and floorings like carpet and vinyl. There are two major…