5 Important Pliers for RV Tool kit

What types of pliers do you need in an RV tool kit? Find out in this article

Recreational vehicles or RVs are like a home away from home. They are mobile homes you can take anywhere to have fun. They are really good for camping. In fact, RV camping is one of the most fun activities you can do in the summer.

Because an RV is basically a home on a vehicle, it is equipped with the basic amenities you typically have at home. For instance, nearly every RV has a kitchen, toilet, and bed. These basic amenities make RV camping so much fun because you enjoy camping without necessarily giving up all the comfort of home.

However, the comfort of RVs come at a cost. Time and again you will need to fix and repair things just like you do in your house. You might need to repair the lights, fix a running toilet, or unclog a sink. As such, you need a collection of tools to do the repairs.

What types of tools to keep in the RV tool kit?

Pliers are some of the most important hand tools you should keep in the RV tool kit. In this article, I share the 5 most important types of pliers for RV repair.

Needle nose pliers

Needle nose pliers or long nose pliers are arguably the most versatile pair of ordinary pliers. They have tapered long jaws that make it possible to grab objects in tight spots.

Because RVs are compact, they have several parts in tight spaces that you would only access with compact tools. A pair of needle nose pliers is one such compact tool. It helps you grip objects in hard-to-reach spaces where regular combination pliers cannot reach.

You can use needle-nose pliers in RVs to twist small fasteners, remove stripped fasteners, and manipulate electrical wires in tight spaces.

Needle nose and long nose pliers come in different sizes and shapes. There are also locking versions that grab and lock onto an object so that your hands are free for doing something else. Needle nose locking pliers are particularly useful for removing stripped rusty fasteners.

Multi-tool pliers

RVing is more or less like camping. So, the tools you carry on a camping trip are part of what you keep in the RV tool kit. One very important tool for a camper is a pair of multi tool pliers.

Multi-tool pliers have many tools in one. Typically, the tools include a knife, combination pliers, screwdrivers, scissors, and many other integrated miniature tools. You can use multifunction pliers inside an RV to do many tasks including tightening screws with the screwdriver function, gripping things with pliers head, and opening packages with the knife.

Some of the most reputed brands of multi tool pliers are Leatherman and Gerber. However, there are some decent generic brands such as the Cranach tools multi-tool pliers that I have reviewed. It is a good budget multi-function pocket pliers. I use it for survival camping but I know it can be useful for RV camping.

In short, multi-tool pliers are handy little tools for emergencies. Most of them come with a belt pliers holder so that you can always carry them with you for any outdoor activity.

Wire cutters/strippers

Whenever you are working on the RV electrical system, either to add or remove a component, you need wire cutters to cut wires. Wire strippers are handy for stripping back the insulation on insulated wires to make an electrical contact.

Wire strippers with integrated cutters are better than buying wire cutters and wire stripper separately. They cut and strip wire and don’t take up a lot of space in your compact RV toolbox.

There are two types of wire strippers; manual wire strippers and automatic wire strippers. Both get the job done and have integrated cutters automatic wire strippers are the best for automotive wiring.

Zip tie cutters

Zip ties are useful for securing things in an RV. They are common for managing cables to make an RV neat and safe. Unfortunately, when you don’t cut the cable ties properly, they could leave sharp ends that can become a new safety hazard.

Sharp zip tie ends can cause serious injuries. The good thing is that you can avoid the dangerous sharp ends by using zip tie cutters to trim off the zip ties.

Zip tie cutters are professional pliers for cutting cable ties flush without leaving sharp ends. They are a must-have for anyone using zip ties to fasten things and has to cut off the tails neatly. Zip tie cutters are more effective than twisting off zip tie tails.

Water pump pliers

As I mentioned, an RV is a home on a vehicle. So, you will encounter both home repair issues and car repair problems. One type of pliers that always comes through for car and home repair problems is a nice pair of water pump pliers.

Water pump pliers are a type of adjustable pliers for gripping different types of objects including hex, flat, and round shapes. Water pump pliers are best for plumbing. You can use them to grip adapter fittings and water pipes.

In an RV, water pump pliers are useful for installing and repairing plumbing fittings for sinks, toilets, kitchen, etc. The pliers also double up as an adjustable spanner for other RV repairs.

My favorite water pump pliers are the Knipex cobra. They come in different sizes from 4-inch to 22-inch but the most versatile is the 10″ cobra and here is why

Wrap up

Well, that is my priority list of pliers that should have a permanent place in the rv tool toolbox. There are many more types and sizes of pliers that can great addition. For instance, you can have more than one size of water pump pliers, a pair of linesman pliers, and screw extractor pliers such as the Knipex Twin Grip.

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